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Cuban Oil Drilling Could Put U.S. Embargo over Economic Barrel

Is Cuba on the verge of an oil bonanza that could pump financial life into Fidel Castro's regime and soften U.S. trade policy toward the island? >> Read the Full Article

Rome, Milan Ban Cars to Lower Pollution Levels

People in Rome, Milan and other Italian cities on Sunday got around on public transportation, bicycles, on foot and even on horseback as car traffic was banned for several hours to lower air-pollution levels. >> Read the Full Article

Malaysian Company that Imported Toxic Waste from Taiwan to Be Charged in Court, Report Says

Malaysian authorities will take legal action against a local company that imported thousands of tons of toxic waste from Taiwan using a fake permit, a news report said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

The Sound of the Big Bang, and Other Stories

After analyzing the locations of thousands of modern galaxies, astronomers say they've found strong evidence of the sound waves that crashed through the universe during the Big Bang. >> Read the Full Article

Senses, Sand Dunes Helped Tsunami Animals Escape

Wildlife in Sri Lanka's biggest national park survived last month's tsunami, but it was probably keen senses and the lay of the land rather than any mysterious instinct for danger that enabled animals to scamper to safety. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Win Bid to Regulate Taconite Industry Mercury Emissions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to develop proposed regulations for mercury and asbestos emissions from taconite plants. >> Read the Full Article

Congo's Rare Rhinos to Be Flown to Safety

Five of the few northern white rhinos left in the wild will be flown from Democratic Republic of Congo to prevent poachers wiping them out, conservationists said on Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

Notes from Anna: Brazil -- Migration, Nature, and the Documenting Lens

Brazil's ecological challenges have everything to do with this economic strife, and the people's attempts to reach prosperity, against the odds. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Watch for Antarctic Iceberg Collision

Scientists were watching on Monday for a collision between a giant iceberg and an Antarctic glacier, which could free up sea lanes to America's McMurdo Station and help penguins reach crucial feeding areas. >> Read the Full Article

Ravens' Interaction With Oil Rigs Studied

They're a marvel of nature, birds that survive in a climate as hot as the Mojave Desert yet adapt quite comfortably in the coldest region of America's coldest state. Ravens survive the brutal cold of Alaska's North Slope by caching food, scavenging scrap from oil fields, and apparently by telling time, showing up when humans are mostly likely to leave food unguarded. >> Read the Full Article