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Activists Want Clean Water Act Enforced by Feds, Not Florida

Environmental groups said this week they have filed a lawsuit to try to force the federal Environmental Protection Agency to control water pollution in Florida instead of leaving the job up to state regulators. >> Read the Full Article

Each Extinction Causes Many Others and Other Stories

Far more species may be at risk for extinction than previously estimated. According to a new study in the journal Science, the disappearance of some species will undoubtedly lead to the demise of others that rely upon them for food, shelter, pollination, and other services. >> Read the Full Article

Ivory from Extinct Mammoths in Big Demand

Ivory from the tusks of extinct mammoths is being used as a legal substitute for the stuff provided by its living elephant kin, but poor quality and a finite supply means it will never replace it, experts say. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Sees Hurdles Remaining in U.S. Beef Talks

Japan, cautiously seeking ways to resume U.S. beef imports, sees hurdles remaining even if it abandons its demand that the United States test all cattle for mad cow disease, which Washington has rejected, before restarting trade. >> Read the Full Article

Citgo Reaches Clean Air Act Settlement Requiring $320 Million in Pollution Controls

Citgo Petroleum Corp. will install $320 million in pollution controls at six refineries and pay a $3.6 million fine to settle a federal lawsuit alleging Clean Air Act violations, the Bush administration announced Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Bald Eagles Rebound, Other Birds of Prey in Trouble

The bald eagle is out of the woods, but other birds of prey are in trouble. An icon of conservationists, the bald eagle was on the brink of extinction in America's lower 48 states four decades ago, when its numbers stood at just 417 nesting pairs. >> Read the Full Article

IAEA Chief Says World Is Getting Impatient with North Korea

North Korea's two-year-old nuclear crisis has taxed the world's patience, the chief United Nations nuclear regulator said on Wednesday, urging communist Pyongyang to return to its disarmament treaty obligations. >> Read the Full Article

"End Game" Near for Indonesia's Rain Forests, Says Greenpeace

Time is running out for Indonesia's dwindling rain forests, as illegal logging is destroying them 10 times faster than the Amazon's, environmental group Greenpeace said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Costa Rica Banana Workers Sue over Pesticide

Thousands of banana pickers in Costa Rica have filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against two chemical companies and three major U.S. fresh produce companies, claiming that exposure to a toxic pesticide caused a range of reproductive disorders. >> Read the Full Article

Smuggling of Tiger Skins Is Rife and Growing, Says Study

The illicit trade in tiger and leopard skins has reached alarming proportions, posing a serious threat to the survival of the big cats, a conservation group said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article