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On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: 'Pharming'

The next time you're eating rice, do you really want to worry whether it's been contaminated with drugs? Welcome to "pharming" -- the new genetic engineering science that turns corn, rice and even animals, into drug-manufacturing factories. >> Read the Full Article

Figures Show British Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rose in 2003

The British government insisted Monday that the country was on track to meet Kyoto Protocol targets, despite new figures showing that carbon dioxide emissions rose in recent years. >> Read the Full Article

Tour Rush Seen in Alaska Refuge before Oil Drilling

As Congress moves closer to approving the Bush administration's controversial plan for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, some Alaskans are expecting a rush of visitors who want to hike, raft and camp before any drilling starts. >> Read the Full Article

Agency Admits Using Faulty Data on Endangered Florida Panthers

Criticized by a whistle-blower, the Fish and Wildlife Service conceded Monday that it bungled some of the science used in protecting Florida's endangered panthers. >> Read the Full Article

South America Wetlands May Be 'Next Everglades,' Report Says

Giant South American wetlands are under threat from farming and house building and could shrink like Florida's Everglades last century, a study by U.N. experts said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Company Touts Plasma Technology to Reduce Waste, Create Alternative Fuel

This month ENN has told you about a number of companies that are creating alternatives to common products and services in order to enhance our environment. One company, Startech Environmental Corp., wants to solve two problems at once. >> Read the Full Article

Groups Work to Save Rain Forest Palms

With a sprinkling of holy water, a priest blessed thousands of palm seedlings in a ceremony in Bogota's main park, sealing an unusual Palm Sunday pact between the Roman Catholic Church and environmentalists to save a critically endangered parrot. >> Read the Full Article

Trash Companies Beautify their Sun Valley Properties

Tired of living in the shadow of smelly trash yards, community activists have pressured recycling and refuse companies to make multimillion-dollar improvements that will result in cleaner, greener businesses. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Max Green Alchemy

The skin is the human body's biggest organ, and keeping the skin healthy is important. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalism Hasn’t Died -- An ENN Commentary

When I was 13 years old my father, a clergyman, got involved in the civil rights movement. In 1964 he went south to join in the voter registration drives with a delegation from Ohio. He was called a "dirty northern liberal" among other things. One in his delegation, a Cleveland rabbi, was beaten within an inch of his life by Ku Klux Klan thugs. Later, back in Cleveland, he joined in the campaign to get Carl Stokes elected as the first African-American mayor of a large city. He was arrested in sit-ins and our family routinely received hate mail, hate phone calls and various threats. I was only a teenager but I knew this was big >> Read the Full Article