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EcoVillage Provides Challenge, Support

When Laura Beck and Greg Pitts realized their marriage was falling apart, one thing was clear: They would work together to maintain a loving, supportive environment for their young son, Ethan. In June 2002, the couple had moved from Austin, Texas, to EcoVillage at Ithaca, an "intentional community" in central New York where environmentally friendly neighbors share space, meals, chores and generally look out for each other. >> Read the Full Article

Two Dolphins Trapped by Tsunami in Thai Lake

Rescuers failed on Monday to catch two rare dolphins trapped for eight days in a small lake in southern Thailand after they were swept more than a kilometre inland by giant tsunami waves. >> Read the Full Article

Deepest U.S. Reef Found off Florida Coast

Marine researchers have discovered the deepest coral reef ever found in the United States in about 250 feet of water off the Florida coast. >> Read the Full Article

California Energy Official Sees No Crisis Repeat

As a candidate, Arnold Schwarzenegger called for "a rational and consistent power policy" and "a clear energy strategy that focuses on attracting new investments in California." >> Read the Full Article

Elephants Pitch in to Clear Debris in Thailand's Tsunami-Affected Areas

A year ago, they were filming battle scenes for the movie "Alexander." Now six elephants are pitching in to help with the massive cleanup from the tsunami that devastated many of Thailand's prime tourist destinations. >> Read the Full Article

Large Gambian Rats Worry Florida Officials

The Florida Keys, already dealing with invasive exotics from melaleuca to iguanas, have added another to the list of unwanted newcomers: the African Gambian pouch rat. >> Read the Full Article

Newmont Mining Fights Shareholder Proposal Questioning Practices in Indonesia

Newmont Mining seeks to quash a shareholder proposal that questions its gold-mining practices in Indonesia. >> Read the Full Article

Brown Deer, Wis., Firm Finds Niche in Global Air Pollution Control

At a time when many Wisconsin companies are alarmed about business and technology being exported to Asia, a small Brown Deer firm is proving that it can compete overseas through contracts in Taiwan, Korea and China. >> Read the Full Article

Religious Order Expands Mission to Include Environmental Justice

A Roman Catholic women's religious order has broadened its social justice mission to include environmental activism. >> Read the Full Article

Strawberry Grower Elevates Crop with Greenhouse Effect

Truth be told, semiretirement in his late 40s was getting boring for Allen J. Williford. He and his wife lived on their 56-foot boat Blonde Moment in the Florida Keys. He played games on a laptop computer. He fished and swam. >> Read the Full Article