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Biofriendly's Green Plus Selected by Direct Fuels for Low Emission Diesel Formulation in Texas

Biofriendly Corporation announced today that its Green Plus diesel fuel enhancer has been selected by Direct Fuels to formulate Texas Low Emission Diesel. >> Read the Full Article

Thor Power Corporation Says Product Could Cut U.S. Electrical Consumption by 33%

The TREZIUM System, introduced today by David Bonner, Chief Executive, Thor Power Corporation, cuts the electrical cost of air conditioning and other commonly-used motors almost in half. >> Read the Full Article

Plug-In Hybrids to Remain Rare Despite Amazing Mileage, Says ABI Research

Though it would probably void the warranty, owners have been known to modify their hybrid vehicles to run longer solely on electric power and to charge their batteries from electric mains. >> Read the Full Article

ThermoEnergy Announces Start of $750,000 Federal Climate Change Grant Program

ThermoEnergy Corporation announced the start of a $750,000 federally funded program designed to fast track development of its patented new zero air emission technology known as the ThermoEnergy Integrated Power System, or TIPS process. >> Read the Full Article

AltWheels to Host Panel Discussions on Newest Transportation Alternatives

Record high gas prices. Global warming. Dependence on foreign oil. What’s the answer? Hear from the experts on the challenges and solutions coming down the pipeline. >> Read the Full Article

Willie Nelson’s Biodiesel is Now Available in Austin, Texas

Legendary musician and biodiesel pioneer Willie Nelson today announced that “BioWillie” is now available at a retail pump in Willie’s home town of Austin. >> Read the Full Article

Scientist Scours Global Waters in Bid To Save Earth's Largest Freshwater Fishes

Floating down the Mekong in his dinghy, Zeb Hogan is on the ultimate fisherman's quest: to find the world's largest freshwater fishes. Right now Hogan is on the Mekong that flows through the Indochinese peninsula, looking for a stingray said to weigh over 1,300 pounds (600 kilograms) -- as much as a full-grown longhorn steer. >> Read the Full Article

Automakers Steer Fuel-Cell Cars to California Roads

Automakers outlined plans Tuesday to introduce hydrogen-powered cars in California but said they had a long road ahead, despite strong support from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who dreams of a "hydrogen highway". >> Read the Full Article

Chinese Fish Farms, Deemed Safe Suppliers to Hong Kong, are Dried-Out or Don't Exist

Several mainland Chinese fish farms selected by authorities to provide Hong Kong with safe freshwater fish either don't exist or are dried pools slated for urban development, local media reported Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. States Fight EPA on Greenhouse Gases

A group of U.S. states Tuesday challenged a July court ruling upholding the Environmental Protection Agency's refusal to regulate greenhouse gas emission, a factor in global warming. >> Read the Full Article