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Climate Changes Spur Plan for Alaska Village Move

With sea ice shrinking, permafrost thawing and sea storms becoming more frequent, residents of a remote Eskimo village in Alaska are preparing to move their entire community to more solid ground within four years, officials said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

California Forest Cameras Snoop on Wildlife

A 30-acre patch of forest near Idyllwild has been outfitted with robotic cameras and other high-tech gadgets that spy on wildlife, trees and even roots as part of a pioneering effort by scientists to take nature's pulse. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Say New Deep Sea Rules Needed

Leaps in technology have made the darkest reaches of the sea much easier to explore, necessitating new rules to govern the precious resources of the deep, researchers said in a report. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: June 6th - 10th

ENN's editors summarize the most compelling environmental and sustainable economy themes of the week. In the news June 6 - 10: Dolphins used tools, conservation and recreation interests clashed over water use, environmentalists decried the net impact of fishing on marine mammals, and more. >> Read the Full Article

Goodbye to a Sea Giant

It was a company that could weather the Great Depression, World War II and several recessions. But today's economy proved too difficult. After 76 years in operation, the country's largest kelp harvesting facility originally called the Kelp Co. and today a division of International Specialty Products -- is closing its plant in Barrio Logan. >> Read the Full Article

India 'Boom' an Environmental Disaster, Author Says

India's economic boom is causing unsustainable environmental damage and is blinding people to the misery of hundreds of millions of poor, prize-winning author and activist Arundhati Roy said. >> Read the Full Article

Ethanol's Sweet Allure

A blizzard of crushed husks stings the eyes. A sickly-sweet smell of fermenting alcohol assaults the nose. It's harvest time, and the busy Sao Martinho sugar mill is grinding out energy independence. Next year, Brazil expects to say goodbye to oil imports. Sugar cane is a big reason why. >> Read the Full Article

Terruride Bluegrass Festival to Feature Renewable, Corn-Based Serviceware

Despite anticipated record crowds at the annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival, fans will leave behind significantly less refuse than other events, thanks to an innovative approach to waste reduction that includes the use of corn-based plastic bottles, cups and plates. >> Read the Full Article

Yamaha Motor Company Subsidizes Eco-Commuting

Yamaha Motor Co., the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, has introduced an eco-commute program for its employees. >> Read the Full Article

Bank of America Receives 2005 Climate Champion Award

Bank of America Corporation today announced that it received the 2005 Climate Champion award for advancing corporate solutions to global warming. >> Read the Full Article