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The Environment Matters -- A Guest Commentary

Many of us in the conservation world are concerned that the natural environment – as the fundamental provider of life on this planet – seems to have dropped off the international community’s radar screen in the lead up to the UN-hosted World Summit. >> Read the Full Article

Contaminated Water Had To Be Poured into Lake, EPA Chief Says

The decision to pour heavily contaminated floodwaters from New Orleans streets into Lake Pontchartrain was a difficult one and could pose new environmental problems in the years ahead, the chief of the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Tainted Loons, U.S. Senators Tackle EPA on Mercury

The scruffy loon chick let out an unpracticed version of the water bird's famed call as researchers tested it for mercury from its native northern New England, home to one of America's highest known concentrations of the dangerous toxin. >> Read the Full Article

Officials Unveil Plans for Sustainability Center

A new center at Santa Fe Community College aims to foster clean, beneficial, self-sustaining water and energy projects to shape Santa Fe's social, economic and environmental future. >> Read the Full Article

Like a Theme Park, with Chores

On their last morning at Liberty Hill Farm, Isadora and Rayna Shamah rushed to the front porch to pull on dusty barn boots and set off eagerly for the big red barn and its wonders: massive Holstein cows in need of feed and milking; week-old calves and newborn kittens; steaming piles of fresh manure ready to be shoveled. >> Read the Full Article

Spain Enjoys -- and Suffers -- First Significant Rainfall of the Year

Many regions of drought-struck Spain breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday as rain fell over a significant proportion of the country. Spain is suffering its worst drought since record-keeping began. >> Read the Full Article

Cooking with the Heat of the Sun

For some people, the concept called solar cooking is a hobby. For others, it's a lifestyle change. Solar cooking uses sunlight-generated heat to prepare food. Many solar cookers are made from household materials, such as cardboard and aluminum foil. Most are fairly inexpensive and can be made at home. >> Read the Full Article

Gulf Coast Fishermen Hope Katrina Spared Sea Life

Fisherman Greg Verges believes the shrimp knew a bad storm was coming their way even before the locals did. The week before Hurricane Katrina's catastrophic arrival, Verges' boat landed 400 pounds of prime quality shrimp in the Biloxi channel. Then, day after day, the catches fell off. "On the day before Katrina, I brought home just 40 shrimps." >> Read the Full Article

Chilis Cool Conflict Between Man and Elephants

It has spiced up many a meal but now the fiery chili pepper is being used to cool an ancient feud between farmers and wild elephants in Africa. In the Zambezi valley in southern Zambia, small-scale farmers are growing chili peppers as a deterrent against elephants that raid their crops -- and marketing the end result as an eco-friendly product. >> Read the Full Article

Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: BlueHeat

In this incarnation of our innovative product series, we're featuring BlueHeat, a product that performs many of the heating functions in your car, but without having to idle the engine. Idling engines spend fuel, and burn that fuel less cleanly than fuel that's being burned when your car is moving. >> Read the Full Article