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Kenyan Sees Natural Link of Environment, Women's Rights

For Wangari Maathai, a life of curiosity and activism began by stirring up mysterious tiny orbs in a stream near her childhood home in Kenya. >> Read the Full Article

Eagle Lays First Egg in 50 Yrs on Santa Cruz

For the first time in more than 50 years, an eagle has laid an egg in a nest on Santa Cruz Island, wildlife biologists announced. >> Read the Full Article

China to Boost Coal Output to Record Levels Despite Environmental Worries

China plans to boost coal output by up to 18 percent before 2010 to meet soaring energy needs despite environmental concerns, a government newspaper quoted an industry official as saying. >> Read the Full Article

Louisiana Faces an Unimaginable Scenario: An Exodus from the Coast

Once the salt water is in your veins, Louisiana's coastal folk say, it's hard to give up the lifestyle of moonlit shrimping trips, the town "fais do-do" dances and afternoons spent on the bayous angling for catfish. >> Read the Full Article

Rifle Range Getting the Boot from State Park in Montana as Times Change

Erosion by wind and water is a big part of the story at Makoshika State Park, a place of badlands and dinosaur fossils, bobcats and bluebirds. Now some people who enjoy firing guns at a range there fear erosion of what they have come to view as an entitlement. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Study Clears Way for Regulating Small-Engine Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency cleared the way Friday for regulations to limit pollution from lawn mowers, jet skis and similar small machines. >> Read the Full Article

Alaska Volcano's Web Site Becomes Internet Hot Spot

Anyone with an Internet connection and a computer can peer into the steaming summit of an erupting volcano without risking death, thanks to about 30 cameras and other recording devices set up on Alaska's Augustine Volcano. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Government Plan to Line Canal with Concrete Sparks Mexican Opposition

Despite its name, the All-American Canal has been leaking water to the Mexican side of the desert border for more than 60 years, nourishing alfalfa, onion and cotton crops that might otherwise wither. >> Read the Full Article

World's Water Problems, and Solutions, Can Be Found on the Farm

Eliminating water waste and mismanagement on farms -- rather than building dams or diverting rivers -- would go far toward alleviating the world's water crisis, officials and activists gathered at forum in Mexico City said. >> Read the Full Article

Court Rejects Bush Administration Power Plant Pollution Rule

In a big win for environmentalists, a federal appeals court on Friday struck down a Bush administration rule that would have made it easier for coal-burning power plants to make equipment changes without installing controls to fight the pollution that would result. >> Read the Full Article