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Thai Government to Urge Motorbike Trade-Ins to Ease Air Pollution

The Thai government will urge two-stroke motorcycle owners to trade in their machines for cleaner-burning four-stroke models to help alleviate Bangkok's choking air pollution. >> Read the Full Article

Quiet British Bike Seeks Added Vroom

Environmentally minded British motorcycle engineers have produced a zero-emission bike that ticks all the right boxes except one -- it's too quiet. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Backyard Habitats

How difficult is it to provide a backyard habitat for wildlife? >> Read the Full Article

Despite Many Social-Responsibility Programs, Disagreement over Starbucks

Starbucks, the ubiquitous coffee-shop company, has a reputation for progressive corporate practices and environmental stewardship, but not everyone agrees that the company is doing all it can for the environment. >> Read the Full Article

An End to Dead-Fish Dumps Signals a Step toward a Healthier Hood Canal

The eggs were valuable. The filets were not. When Skokomish tribal fishermen couldn't profit from the tons of chum salmon they caught, they threw most of the dead fish into Hood Canal, where they figured crabs would eat them. >> Read the Full Article

Rains Prompt Rare Wildflower Display in Death Valley

A rare burst of color is softening the stark landscape of Death Valley, with clusters of purple, pink and white wildflowers dotting the black basalt mountainsides and great swaths of golden blooms bordering the blinding white salt flats on the valley floor. >> Read the Full Article

Thailand Seeking Water from Neighbors to Ease Drought

Thailand is negotiating with neighboring countries to divert water from rivers flowing through their territory to help ease severe seasonal droughts, officials said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Call on World Bank to Abandon Laotian Dam Project

About 100 environmental activists and villagers burned an effigy of World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn in the Thai capital Monday, demanding that the bank scrap a US$1.3 billion (euro969 million) dam project in neighboring Laos. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Issuing New Rules on Mercury Pollution from Power Plants

The Bush administration planned to issue the nation's first regulations to cut mercury pollution from electric utilities Tuesday, relying on a market trading system that gives companies 15 years to reduce it nearly by half. >> Read the Full Article