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Council Mulling Moratorium on Black Coral Harvest Convenes for Three-Day Meeting

The federally funded Western Pacific Fishery Management Council mulling a five-year moratorium on black coral harvesting in federal waters around Hawaii convened Tuesday for a three-day meeting. >> Read the Full Article

Large Calcite Formation Found in New Mexico Cave

A calcite formation named Snowy River could prove a gold mine for scientists, who believe the new passage could yield information on everything from specialized bacteria to underground drainage. >> Read the Full Article

Ecuador Lifts Galapagos Sea Cucumber Fishing Ban

Ecuador Tuesday lifted a ban on the fishing of lucrative sea cucumbers from the Galapagos islands in a move that environmental groups have said could threaten conservation efforts. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Training Iraqis in Jordan to Measure Radiation from Depleted Uranium

Concerned about depleted uranium and what they say are increasing cancer rates, Iraqi officials are receiving training from U.N. experts on techniques to measure radiation levels according to international standards, a U.N. official Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Italian 'Eco-Mafia' Booms, Outstrips Economy

Italian Mafia activity that harms the environment -- from hazardous waste disposal to illegal construction -- enjoyed a boom year in 2004, an environmental report said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Equal Exchange Interfaith Coffee Program

There are many changes we can make in our daily lives to become more environment-friendly; one organization is working with local religious congregations to promote social justice and earth-friendly policies. >> Read the Full Article

Helping the Environment Around the Office

The day-to-day actions of regular working people collectively have an impact on the environment, and here are tips on how to be "greener" in your office. >> Read the Full Article

Agronomists Import Wasps to Help Wipe Out Grapevine Pest

A Minnesota wasp that lives for a week, loves the cold and is no bigger than an ant is about to be the glassy-winged sharpshooter's worst nightmare. Welcome to California, Anagrus epos. >> Read the Full Article

SUV Drivers Reconsider

After a decade and a half of tremendous growth, total SUV sales are down 10.2 percent for the first quarter of 2005. In April, the biggest class of SUVs dropped 21.7 percent from the same month in 2004, according to, a sales-tracking firm. >> Read the Full Article

Capitalism Colored Green at Small Business School

The Bainbridge Graduate Institute, an MBA school on Washington state's Bainbridge Island, started in 2002 as an experiment to infuse sound environmental and social practices into the standard business curriculum. Its enrollment has nearly doubled every year, with 40 students enrolled now and 50 new ones expected this fall. >> Read the Full Article