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China Warns of Toxic Baby Bottles

Chinese investigators have seized baby bottles made from recycled compact discs containing dangerous levels of the toxic chemical hydroxybenzene, official media reported Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Japan to Help China in Energy, Environment Fields

Japan will help China raise its energy efficiency and conserve its environment, officials said at the start of a joint forum in Tokyo on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Top Bollywood Filmmakers Defend Aamir Khan over Dam Comment Dispute

Top Bollywood filmmakers Monday defended popular actor Aamir Khan, who is under attack from the Hindu nationalist opposition for speaking out against the government's handling of people displaced by a massive dam project. >> Read the Full Article

State, Advocates Look to Give New Yorkers a New Beach

It's been decades since industrial waste flowed into the Hudson River and the city has worked to clean up the once-industrial west side of Manhattan with grassy parkland for joggers and bicyclists. >> Read the Full Article

China, India, Brazil Could Slash Energy Use, Report Says

China, India and Brazil could reduce energy use by a quarter with simple efficiency schemes but banks have been sluggish to lend to such projects, an international study said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Romania Borrows $70 Million to Modernize Water Infrastructure

Romania on Monday signed agreements for euro55 million (US$70 million) in loans from the European Investment Bank to modernize the country's water infrastructure, the government said. >> Read the Full Article

E.U. Urges Europeans to Act Locally to Help Stop Global Warming

The European Union launched a new awareness campaign Monday urging its citizens to help stop global warming, adding that just the smallest changes to everyday routines, like turning down the thermostat by a degree, can make a difference. >> Read the Full Article

Poorly Mapped and Policed, Amazon Rain Forest Suffers from a Settler Influx

Izidio Orlando de Brito used to walk for hours down a jungle path hauling his manioc, beans, corn and rice to market, thinking how much easier life would be if there was a road to his village. >> Read the Full Article

Where the Buffalo Roam a Sore Topic in Montana

Buffalo once thundered across this vast river valley in southwest Montana but now the only evidence of the animal that symbolizes the untamed American West is its image on a national park sign. >> Read the Full Article

China Says It's Slowing Rate of Desertification

China, with desert covering one third of its landmass, is slowing the rate at which desertification is eating up arable and other land but the problem remains serious, a government official said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article