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Rare Plant Nearly Wiped Out by Work Crew

One of California's rarest plants was nearly wiped out of existence when Marin County workers used a backhoe to clear a plugged roadside drain in the species' sole habitat. >> Read the Full Article

Insurers Agree to $93 Million Settlement Over Hazardous Waste Site in California

California has won a $93 million settlement with 16 insurance companies over cleanup costs at a notorious hazardous waste site. >> Read the Full Article

Lawmakers Float Plan for Underwater Logging

A forest of old-growth trees is submerged in Lake Washington, perfectly preserved and possibly worth a small fortune. Under a bill proposed in the state Senate, this underwater timber could be harvested to raise money for the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Washington. >> Read the Full Article

Group Claims Biotechs Don't Deliver on Promises

The biotechnology industry has failed to deliver on promises to revolutionize agriculture with plants genetically engineered to be healthier, drought resistant and tastier, a consumer interest group said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

US Senate Panel May Deadlock on Utility Emissions

A Senate panel fight over whether carbon dioxide should be included in a plan to limit pollutants emitted by U.S. utilities threatened on Wednesday to derail a Bush administration push for a bill this year. >> Read the Full Article

Catastrophe Left Lasting Impact, and a Hope that People Don't 'Rebuild the Next One'

Weeks after the seas retreated, after the minutes of terror along hundreds of miles of coast, people on the rim of the Indian Ocean are emerging from their December morning's nightmare to a long, hard future of trying to recreate an obliterated past. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Warming Spells Species Wipeout, Experts Say

Whole species of animals from frogs to leopards, living in vulnerable areas and with nowhere else to go, face extinction due to global warming, scientists said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

The 51 Percent Solution -- An ENN Commentary

For the past four years, the Sierra Club focused on stopping the Bush administration's destructive environmental policies. We fought as we have never fought before, pouring heart and soul and every resource at our disposal into that endeavor. We fought in Washington and in communities across the country, and we won thousands of new supporters, but a nation at war and deeply divided on social issues was distracted and ultimately unwilling to change course. We did our best, but our best wasn't enough. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Urges Congress to Pass Energy Bill

President Bush urged Congress Wednesday to pass legislation that would boost U.S. energy production and keep the country's economy growing and less reliant on foreign energy imports. >> Read the Full Article

The 51 Percent Solution

(By Carl Pope) For the past four years, the Sierra Club focused on stopping the Bush administration's destructive environmental policies... >> Read the Full Article