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Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: EnviroGLAS

In this installment, we bring you a company and a product that is currently featured on ENN Expo: EnviroSLAB from EnviroGLAS. EnviroGLAS makes a number of products using recycled glass that would otherwise make its way into a landfill. >> Read the Full Article

Indian State Bans Sale, Use of Plastic Bags

The government of the western Indian state of Maharashtra on Wednesday banned the manufacture, sale and use of all plastic bags, saying they choked drainage systems during recent monsoon rains. >> Read the Full Article

Forest Service Admits 'Serious' Mistake in Logging Rare Tree Preserve

The Forest Service admitted Wednesday to making a "serious" mistake that allowed the logging of 17 acres inside a rare tree reserve as part of the salvage harvest of timber burned by a fire in 2002. >> Read the Full Article

New Mexico Falcon Sighting Fuels Drilling Fight

Federal workers eating lunch this month on Otero Mesa spotted two endangered aplomado falcons, the first sighting of the rare birds in years and another weapon in a battle by state officials and environmentalists against drilling on the mesa. >> Read the Full Article

Image Microsystems Awards Environmental Research Grant to Texas Tech University

Image Microsystems Inc. awarded a $75,000.00 grant to Texas Tech University's Center for Applied Research in Advanced Manufacturing. The Centers' Program Director, Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang, and his team provide ongoing research in the area of Life-Cycle Engineering and Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing. >> Read the Full Article

Toyota Rejects Eco Car Rules: Proposed Size Limits 'Will Hurt Competition'

Toyota Motor Thailand Co has reiterated no compromise is possible in an argument over whether there should be restrictions on the body size of a proposed "eco car" the government has proposed be built by commercial carmakers. >> Read the Full Article

Two New Bird Species Identifed in Colombia

Two new species of birds called tapaculos have been identified in the mountains of Colombia, a conservation group said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Tough But Fragile, Turtles Take to Italian Hospital

The island hospital is small, sparsely equipped and very often the patients are so large that they have to be tipped sideways to get them to the operating table. Fortunately, the patients are tough enough to withstand being knocked against a doorframe -- they are protected by a solid shell bigger than a manhole cover. >> Read the Full Article

Police, Firefighters and Volunteers Shovel Out Mud after Floods Sweep Europe

Flood victims waded into their homes to shovel out mud and stagnant water Wednesday while heavy machinery cleared debris from village streets as volunteers fanned out to clean up after heavy rains and landslides swept central and southern Europe. >> Read the Full Article

Colorado Scientist Quits Global Warming Panel

Colorado State University scientist Roger Pielke Sr. has resigned from a Bush administration science advisory team in a disagreement over research into the causes of global warming. >> Read the Full Article