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Mexican Environmentalists Rethinking Sexy Posters

Mexican environmentalists Friday said they might tone down posters of scantily clad women aimed at saving endangered turtles after a government panel that promotes women's rights objected. >> Read the Full Article

Green Mountain Power Trucks to Run on Green Fuel

The next time you pass a Green Mountain Power linetruck on the highway, you may notice a slight smell of French fries. That's because Green Mountain Power's fleet of linetrucks will begin using biodiesel fuel, an alternative fuel made from animal fat and vegetable oil, primarily soybean, as a result of a new fuel arrangement with Champlain Oil Company. >> Read the Full Article

San Francisco Municipal Railway Orders 56 Hybrid Electric Buses

The San Francisco Municipal Railway has ordered 56 hybrid diesel electric buses from the DaimlerChrysler's transit bus brand Orion, with an option for 56 more units. >> Read the Full Article

Parasite Preying on Shrimp in Oregon

Biologists are concerned about a non-native parasite that's preying on mud shrimp up and down the Oregon Coast's estuaries, potentially playing havoc with sensitive ecosystems. >> Read the Full Article

Russian Trawlers Flout Cod Quotas in Arctic

Russian trawlers are flouting cod quotas in the Arctic in a threat to the last major stock of the fish, the WWF environmental group said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Cloned Tabby Wildcats Have Kittens

The little tabby wildcats are just doing what comes naturally, but the people who cloned them say their kittens are the last bit of proof that cloning can help save endangered species. >> Read the Full Article

Plea To Stop Squabbles Ends Greenland Climate Talks

Representatives of 23 nations deeply split about how to combat global warming ended talks in Greenland on Friday with a plea from the host to stop years of squabbling and take urgent action. >> Read the Full Article

Need More Research on Environmental Chemical Exposure -- A Guest Commentary

Most of us are pretty strict about what we put in our bodies. But whether we like it or not, the blood of every human being on the planet contains trace elements of industrial chemicals - most of which weren't even invented a century ago. >> Read the Full Article

Ship Zones Recommended to Help Whales

Scientists are recommending speed zones for ship traffic as one way to help to help the endangered North Atlantic right whale population. Whale experts studying the right whale in the Bay of Fundy this summer said that while there are more calves than usual, too many of the slow-moving leviathans are being killed in ship collisions. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Says Summer Smog Problem Easing in East

Ozone levels are falling in 19 Eastern states where smog has been a recurring problem in summer, helping improve air quality for a third of the nation's population, the Environmental Protection Agency says. >> Read the Full Article