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Florida Approves a Deal to Avert Oil Drilling off the Coast

After a 15-year legal battle, Gov. Jeb Bush and the Cabinet approved a $12.5 million deal Wednesday to prevent oil drilling in Florida's coastal waters. >> Read the Full Article

Schwarzenegger Unveils California Plan to Fight Global Warming

Declaring climate change to be an indisputable threat, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a plan Wednesday to combat global warming by setting goals for reducing California's emissions of greenhouse gases. >> Read the Full Article

Western Drought Further Jeopardizing Endangered Wildlife

Green and black spotted frogs loiter beneath the surface of a concrete pond's glassy water, their bumpy heads occasionally breaking through into the desert air. A rancher transported the threatened Chiricahua leopard frogs to the artificial pond here because they were dying in a nearby reservoir that was being reduced to dried, cracked mud by years of drought. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Judge Finds Phosphorus Discharges Violate Everglades Cleanup Settlement

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Florida and the U.S. government violated the 1992 Everglades cleanup settlement by allowing excessive discharges of phosphorus into the vast wetlands and failing to meet a stormwater treatment deadline. >> Read the Full Article

Wet Winter Triggered California Landslide, Expert Says

Accumulated rainfall from an unusually wet winter most likely triggered Wednesday's landslide that destroyed 18 luxury hillside homes in Orange County's Laguna Beach, scientists say. >> Read the Full Article

Government Investigating Engine Stalling in Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius, the gas-electric hybrid sedan that has generated waiting lists of environmentally conscious consumers, is the subject of a government investigation into reports that the engine can stall without warning. >> Read the Full Article

Brewery Supplements Profits with Energy Savings

Every day is casual-dress day at New Belgium Brewing Co., where employees with titles such as "vibe writer" and "sustainability goddess" are encouraged to ride bicycles to work. Yet behind the Fort Collins brewery's neo-hippie veneer is a sophisticated and aggressive campaign to save energy and supplement the profits from selling beer. >> Read the Full Article

Entrepreneur Focuses on Environment

Consultant Sonya Newenhouse owns two Madison businesses and most of a third but no car. Newenhouse is one of the new breed of eco-entrepreneurs who have made a business out of helping consumers and companies do better for the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Dell to Increase Commitment to Used Computer Recovery

There is no question that the short shelf-life of the typical computer and computer monitor is harming the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Australian Animal Rights Group to Appeal Decision in Japanese Whaling Case

Animal advocates hoping to halt a Japanese whale hunt announced plans Tuesday to appeal a legal decision that bars the group from filing a lawsuit against the whaling company Kyodo Senpaku. >> Read the Full Article