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Environmental Security in a Post-Tsunami World

(By Dr. Chris Hails) Climate change is perhaps one of the greatest threats to our survival. Many governments, unfortunately, are reluctant to come to grips with the global climatic changes we are facing. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Target Tree-Killing Beetle

The emerald ash borer, an Asian beetle that has been 100 percent fatal to North American ash trees since its arrival about 10 years ago, likely made its way here in a shipping pallet. >> Read the Full Article

Alaska Researchers Study Reindeer Biology

Milan Shipka is studying the reproductive biology of reindeer throughout their 215-day gestation, with the goal of improving management of the animals as livestock. >> Read the Full Article

Residents of Russian City Shun Tap Water as Chemical Slick Flows By

Anna Kurzhitskaya went to Christmas Eve Mass on Saturday to pray for protection from the Chinese chemical spill flowing past Khabarovsk in Russia's Far East. >> Read the Full Article

Damaged New Orleans Goes to Dogs for Therapy

Volunteers from Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Recovery arrived in New Orleans this week with a dozen therapy dogs and have been making the rounds at FEMA disaster recovery centers. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Find Cache of Dodo Bird Bones

Scientists said they likely have found a complete skeleton of the long-extinct Dodo bird. The last recorded sighting of a live bird was in 1663. >> Read the Full Article

China Dumps Chemicals To Try To Clean Toxic River

China is dumping chemicals into a southern river to try to neutralise a toxic spill and contain the second environmental disaster to hit the country in as many months. >> Read the Full Article

Mexico's Snowy 'Smoking Mountain' Spits Ash, Rocks

Mexico's giant Popocatepetl volcano threw up an ash column almost 2 miles high and spat glowing rocks down its snow-clad slopes Sunday, but nearby towns were not affected. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Resumes Whaling after Escape Bid

A Japanese whaling fleet has started whaling again after spending more than 40 hours trying to escape Greenpeace protesters in remote icy waters near Antarctica. >> Read the Full Article

Diamond Recalls Pet Food Because of Toxic Chemical

Privately owned Diamond Pet Foods Thursday said it was recalling pet food after some dogs who ate it died from aflatoxin, a toxic chemical produced by a fungus found on corn and other crops. >> Read the Full Article