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Beijing Stops Cars for Olympic Games Clean Air Test

Beijing embarked on a four-day experiment on Friday to see if taking 1.3 million cars off the city's streets will substantially reduce air pollution at next year's Beijing Olympics. >> Read the Full Article

Wrens With Little Help Lay Larger Eggs

Whose offspring do better, families in privileged circumstances or those struggling to keep food in the kids' mouths? For a type of Australian bird called the superb fairy-wren, it turns out it doesn't make any difference. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Track Climate-Driving Atlantic Current

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation -- also known as the conveyor belt -- was featured in the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" and the disaster flick "The Day After Tomorrow" as a changeable force that could wreak havoc on the climate in Europe and North America if it slowed down. >> Read the Full Article

Appeal for Help after Congo Gorilla Massacre

Wildlife conservation experts appealed on Friday for funds to help protect rare mountain gorillas in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after four adults were found shot dead last month. >> Read the Full Article

Politicians Preach Calm As Fear, Panic Rule

Shares plummeted worldwide on Thursday and politicians weighed in behind central bank attempts to calm financial markets swept by fears that years of runaway credit growth will end with a big blowout. >> Read the Full Article

Panel Urges US Govt Control Over Tobacco Products, Add Tax

A new report from the President's Cancer Panel reinforces the urgent need for Congress to pass legislation giving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority over tobacco. >> Read the Full Article

Year's First Hurricane Churns Toward Caribbean

Tropical Storm Dean strengthened into the 2007 Atlantic storm season's first hurricane on Thursday as it careened toward the Caribbean and looked set to become "extremely dangerous," the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. The hurricane, with top sustained winds near 90 miles per hour (145 kph) at 11 a.m EDT, was expected to strengthen further in the next few days and could pass to the south of Jamaica on its way toward Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula as a powerful Category 4 storm. >> Read the Full Article

DiCaprio Talks About Going Green and "11th Hour"

Q & A with producer and narrator Leonardo DiCaprio, on the "The 11th Hour" and the his own green practices. >> Read the Full Article

Stocks Drop As Credit And Economy Worries Rise

Stocks slid sharply on Thursday as signs of further deterioration in credit conditions sparked fears about the potential impact on the economy and profits. A much weaker-than-expected reading in a gauge of economic activity in the Mid-Atlantic region added to already frayed nerves and sent stocks sliding, triggering downside trading curbs on the New York Stock Exchange. >> Read the Full Article

6 - Global Markets In Turmoil As Credit Fears Spread

Financial and commodity markets around the world were in broad upheaval on Thursday, with stocks and commodity prices tumbling on signs that credit markets were seizing up and economic growth was threatened. Investors were in broad flight from risky assets and frantically buying safe-haven government bonds. U.S. 2-year Treasury note yields briefly fell below 4 percent, more than 1.25 percentage points below the U.S. Federal Reserve's target rate for short-term interest rates of 5.25 percent. >> Read the Full Article