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Bush Says New EPA Chief will Put Science at Heart of Environmental Policy

President Bush, in a rare visit to the Environmental Protection Agency, pledged Monday that science would be at the heart of the nation's air, water and land policies. >> Read the Full Article

Australia Working to Prevent Resumption of Commercial Whaling

Australian officials are working to prevent a resumption of commercial whaling and halt Japan's scientific research whaling, a Cabinet minister said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Miners, Environmentalists Stand at the Ready as Interest in Coal Reignites

With the comeback of Tennessee's coal industry comes renewed resistance. Environmental activists have geared up in opposition to mountaintop mining, which allows companies to slice off the tops of some of the oldest mountains on earth. >> Read the Full Article

Greenpeace Slams High-Tech Firms for 'E-Waste' in China

The international environmental group Greenpeace slammed American and Japanese electronics giants on Monday for making computers or phones with parts that harm the health of Chinese people who recycle them. >> Read the Full Article

On-Ramp to the Hydrogen Highway

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will advocate that California invest $54 million in public money to help build a network of up to 100 hydrogen fueling stations statewide within five years, according to new details of his "Hydrogen Highway" plan. >> Read the Full Article

Alcoa Recognized at Industrial Energy Technology Conference

Alcoa was recognized for energy conservation and environmental stewardship when it was named a recipient of an Energy Award during the Industrial Energy Technology Conference (IETC) held recently in New Orleans, Louisiana. >> Read the Full Article

Bonaire Teens Reconstruct Skeleton of Whale Impaled by Cruise Ship

It wasn't until the cruise ship Nieuw Amsterdam docked in Bonaire that the captain discovered why it was making headway so slowly. "The bow of your vessel has impaled a whale," the port captain said. >> Read the Full Article

Taiwan President Marks Anniversary by Recycling Paper as Poll Ratings Drop

Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian marked the beginning of his sixth year in office Friday by rolling up his sleeves and collecting paper for a recyling project in a Taipei suburb, as opinion polls showed a significant slide in his popularity. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Losing Fight to Save the Amazon

In the heart of what is known in Brazil's Amazon as the "arc of deforestation" it is clear that the fight to save the jungle is being lost. >> Read the Full Article

Farallon Islands Form Teeming Wildlife Haven West of San Francisco

Less than 30 miles from San Francisco, an archipelago of rocky islands rises out of the Pacific Ocean, forming a largely undisturbed wildlife haven that biologists call California's Galapagos. >> Read the Full Article