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Fresno, Calif., Conference on Alternative Fuels Looks at Job-Making Potential

Factories turning corn, garbage and manure into fuel have the potential to create new jobs, pump money into the economy and reduce the dependence on foreign oil, according to speakers at a Fresno conference on alternative fuels. >> Read the Full Article

Japan, U.S. to Hold High-Level Beef Talks in Tokyo

Japan and the United States will hold high-level talks aimed at lifting Japan's ban on U.S. beef imports next week in Tokyo, Japanese government sources said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Peace Prize Is a Well-Deserved Honor

Sometimes what at first seems like a minor change can actually signal major shift in understanding.  >> Read the Full Article

Southeast Asian Nations to Set Up Environment Fund; Indonesia Under Pressure to Ratify Antihaze Deal

Southeast Asian governments agreed Thursday to launch a fund to support environmental projects in the region, and Indonesia's neighbors called on it to ratify a deal to introduce antihaze pollution laws. >> Read the Full Article

Electric Barrier to Be Built to Keep Asian Carp from Great Lakes

The Army Corps of Engineers will in two weeks begin building a permanent electric barrier to keep the invasive Asian carp out of the Great Lakes, officials announced this week. >> Read the Full Article

Ecuador Is Seen Losing Its Glaciers to Global Warming

Global warming is melting Ecuador's cherished mountain glaciers and could cause several of them to disappear over the next two decades, Ecuadorean and French scientists said this week. >> Read the Full Article

Animals Win and Japan Fumes at U.N. Wildlife Meeting

he future looked brighter for leaf-tailed geckos and great white sharks as a U.N. meeting on trade in wild plants and animals ended on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Falcon Tracker Finds Foul Environment

Naturalist-adventurer Alan Tennant has tracked peregrine falcons across North America and does not like what he sees. >> Read the Full Article

Amphibian Extinctions Sound Global Eco-alarm, Says Study

They may thrive on land and in water, but amphibians everywhere are in serious trouble, and up to one-third of species are threatened with extinction, a troubling new study said on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Iraq Nuclear Sites Were Stripped Methodically, Say Diplomats

The mysterious removal of Iraq's mothballed nuclear facilities continued long after the U.S.-led invasion and was carried out by people with access to heavy machinery and demolition equipment, diplomats said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article