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UK Activists Hail Court Ruling in "McLibel" Case

Two Britons found to have libelled the U.S. fast food chain McDonald's after the longest court case in English legal history did not have a fair trial, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Oil Rises as OPEC Says May Cut Supply

Oil prices rose Monday as the OPEC cartel said it might cut supply as the Northern Hemisphere winter draws to a close. >> Read the Full Article

California's emission rules here? Auto Dealers Say it's a Bad Idea

Advocates of a move to adopt California's stringent automobile emissions standards didn't dream up barren Cascade Mountain ski slopes and green daffodil stalks now shooting up around Puget Sound to help make their case. >> Read the Full Article

Libby, Mont., Residents Hope to Hold Big Corporation Accountable for Asbestos Illnesses

They're getting ready for the Asbestos Health Fair in this old mining town. >> Read the Full Article

Governor's Crusade Against Business Rules has Found No Villains

When Arnold Schwarzenegger took office, he vowed to whack away at a tangle of California regulations he blamed for choking the frail state economy. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Puts Jobs Ahead of Climate Treaty Targets

The Bush administration contends that the long-term benefit from the Kyoto climate treaty won't be worth the immediate economic cost. >> Read the Full Article

Birders Eye Winter Hummingbirds, Vagrants

Chickadees, cardinals and titmice are common visitors to a snowy bird feeder. But hummingbirds? That's what Janet Allen saw last year in her yard in suburban Syracuse. >> Read the Full Article

Earth's 'Lung,' the Amazon Forest, Breathes Uneasily in a Time of Climate Change

As the light plane banked left, the smell of smoke reached the cockpit. The landscape below was an ashen green, the sun above an orange glow behind sooty billows of gray. >> Read the Full Article

Council Votes to Restrict Bottom Trawling in Aleutian Islands

A federal fishing council moved to ban bottom trawling on more than 370,000 square miles off Alaska's Aleutian Islands to try to protect coral beds and other sensitive fish habitat. >> Read the Full Article

Report Warns Great Barrier Reef Could Die in 20 Years

It could take less that 20 years for rising sea temperatures caused by global warming to kill Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest chain of living coral, a newspaper reported Saturday. >> Read the Full Article