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U.S. Bald Eagle Numbers Making Recovery

The American bald eagle, a national symbol once almost wiped out by hunters and DDT poisoning, has not only survived but is thriving. The Interior Department will announce on Thursday it is removing the majestic bird from the protection of the Endangered Species Act, capping a four-decade struggle for recovery. >> Read the Full Article

Wildlife, Crops Hit by Southeast Europe Heatwave

A heatwave that has killed more than 30 people in parts of southeast Europe has hit wildlife and crops, from the humble toad in Greek lagoons to grain across the region, while fruit is ripening weeks early in Italy. >> Read the Full Article

U.S., Mexico and Canada To Protect Threatened Monarch Butterflies and Porpoises

The U.S., Mexico and Canada agreed to work together to protect the monarch butterfly, threatened in Mexico by illegal logging destroying its winter nesting grounds. >> Read the Full Article

Indian Thriller To Prick Conscience on Poaching

An Oscar-nominated filmmaker will exhort Indians to conserve wildlife with a new film, but the message is contained in a racy thriller set in a famous tiger sanctuary instead of in a preachy documentary. >> Read the Full Article

EU Takes Action Against Italy Over Naples Waste Crisis

The European Commission took legal action against Italy on Wednesday over a growing crisis in Naples and the surrounding region where thousands of tonnes of uncollected waste have piled up high in the streets. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. House Passes Bill Affirming Global Warming Exists

The House of Representatives Wednesday, aiming to put an end to the debate over whether global warming is actually occurring, passed legislation recognizing the "reality" of climate change and providing money to work on the problem. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Must Charge Firms a Lot for Emissions, Panel Says

Canada's government will eventually have to charge companies a much higher price than anticipated for polluting the atmosphere if it is to stand any chance of meeting promises on cleaning up the environment, a panel said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

GAO Report Finds Federal Environmental Authorities Let Asbestos Monitoring Dip

A new congressional report says the Environmental Protection Agency potentially exposed scores of residents, volunteers and workers to asbestos fibers by not doing more to monitor the contaminant in the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina. >> Read the Full Article

Tourism Levy of 0.5 Percent Urged To Protect Wildlife

An extra 0.5 percent should be levied on all tourism revenues and spent on protecting animals and plants from threats ranging from loss of habitats to climate change, an environmental expert said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Critics Say Laos Dam Project Shortchanged, Sickened Villagers

A hydroelectric dam megaproject under construction in Laos has left local villagers shortchanged and sickened, an environmental group said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article