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Stockholm Residents Choke on New Congestion Charge

On an overcast winter morning, traffic heading into Stockholm on the main route from the north is heavy, but it is moving -- unlike the rush-hour gridlock typical in some metropolitan centers. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Tsunami Alert System Streamlined

When word of a big earthquake comes in the middle of the night, geophysicist Bruce Turner takes five minutes to fumble for his beeper, throw on a coat, scrape the ice off his windshield, drive a mile to work and transmit a tsunami alert. >> Read the Full Article

Tourists Flock to Chinese City Festival, Assured that River No Longer Contaminated

For Harbin resident Zhao Lichun, enjoying the city's giant sculptures made from ice from the Songhua River is an annual tradition -- even six weeks after a toxic spill polluted the river. >> Read the Full Article

Boaters Damaging Seagrass in Florida

Negligent and inexperienced boaters are damaging fragile seagrass in the shallow Florida Bay, destroying habitat crucial to the state's fishing industry, a conservation advocacy group said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Conservationists Sue Over Nevada Butterfly

Conservationists filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Thursday, seeking federal protections for a rare Nevada butterfly against off-road vehicles at one of the largest sand dunes in the West. >> Read the Full Article

India Begins Count of Threatened Tigers

Armed with radio collars and high-tech cameras, hundreds of wildlife experts fanned out across a vast mangrove in India's east on Thursday as part of the world's largest census of the endangered tiger. >> Read the Full Article

Humans Display Their Stupid Side to Wildlife

A South African mugger fleeing the scene of his crime hid in a tiger enclosure, and paid a high price for his stupidity, underscoring one of nature's truisms: Humans do dumb things around wild animals. >> Read the Full Article

Florida Manatee Deaths Jump 30 Percent in 2005

Sweet Gum was fatally injured by a racing boater. Her calf, Rachel, was also killed by a boat near Lake Monroe, and so was her granddaughter, Ruby. >> Read the Full Article

China Orders End to Limits on Small Car Sales in Anti-Pollution Effort

China's government has ordered an end to restrictions on sales of smaller cars in an effort to clean up worsening smog and rein in surging oil use, state media said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Expert Blames Dog Disease for Wolf Decline

Most of the gray wolf pups born in Yellowstone National Park last year have died, a federal wolf expert says, and he believes a dog disease -- parvo virus -- may be behind the dramatic loss. >> Read the Full Article