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ENN Weekly: January 2nd - 6th

ENN summarizes the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news January 2nd - 6th: Surprising 'King Kong' facts, canned tuna and mercury, the tell-tale scent of timber, and much more. >> Read the Full Article

Capsule Containing Radioactive Metal Missing from Venezuelan Oil Facility

A capsule containing a radioactive metal for industrial use is missing from a Venezuelan oil facility, authorities said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Group Remaps Some Tsunami Disaster Areas

A Pacific Northwest aid group has digitally remapped some villages that were reduced to rubble fields in the Indonesian province of Aceh. >> Read the Full Article

China Water Company Wins Yellow River Pollution Suit

The first lawsuit seeking compensation for pollution of China's second longest river has been successful, a state newspaper said on Wednesday, as Beijing faces a growing water crisis. >> Read the Full Article

Idaho Wants to Use Copters to Track Wolves

Idaho wants federal permission to put radio collars on wolves that have roamed the remote mountain region since their 1995 reintroduction. >> Read the Full Article

General Electric Workers Sue Monsanto over PCBs

More than 500 General Electric Co. employees have sued Monsanto Co. along with two related companies, claiming they were exposed to toxic chemicals manufactured for decades by Monsanto. >> Read the Full Article

Nations Debate Approaches to Greener Development

Producers of half the world's "greenhouse" gases are angling for more private investment to create cleaner energy technologies and help slow global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Explore Timber Aroma 'Tags'

Timber researchers hope to create wood sniffers that could track lumber from forest to front-room furniture the way bloodhounds track criminals -- by their scent. >> Read the Full Article

Grapes in California's Wine Country Expected To Survive Stormy Weather

Winter storms made a mess in California's wine country, but the rains were not expected to wash out the region's valuable grape crop, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Organic Dairy Farming Profits Elusive

Making a profit from running an organic dairy operation can be difficult, a new study by researchers at the universities of Vermont and Maine shows. >> Read the Full Article