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Scientists Troubled by Dropping Fish Population in Delta Near San Francisco Bay

The population of a tiny fish that lives near San Francisco Bay has hit an all-time low, a new study shows, troubling scientists who see it as an indicator of the health of the vast estuary. >> Read the Full Article

Appalachian Town Looks to Mountaintop Mining for Flat Land

In mountaintop-removal coal mining, hilltops are blasted away to uncover coal seams, and the leftover rock and dirt are dumped into adjacent valleys, burying streams. >> Read the Full Article

Caviar Smugglers Seen Foiling 2006 Export Rules

Illegal caviar sales via the Internet and lax policing are likely to let smugglers of the delicacy thrive in 2006 despite tighter world trade rules from Jan. 1, a major importer predicted Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Say Coral Reefs Spared in Tsunami

After hundreds of dives in the waters off Phuket, a team of scientists concluded that it was the intervention of humans, and not the havoc wreaked by the tsunami, that posed the greatest threat to the reefs. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Groups Seen as Balancing Dual Loyalties

Environmental groups that frequently spar with the Bush administration over protecting the air, water and human health also have collected millions of dollars in U.S. government grants. >> Read the Full Article

On Truth, Fact, Values, Climate Change, and Doughnuts

(By Peter H. Gleick) The ongoing brouhaha over the misuse of science in the political process – especially around controversial issues such as stem cells, evolution, and climate change – results from a conflict between facts and values, and persists because of a fundamental misunderstanding of science. >> Read the Full Article

Governor Orders Southwest Missouri Turkey Oil Plant Closed Because of Foul Odors

A foul-smelling plant that turns turkey byproducts into fuel oil was ordered closed by the governor Wednesday until the company finds a way to clear the air. >> Read the Full Article

Company that Makes Natural Paint Starts Seeing Green

Ten years ago, Rudolf Reitz found it extremely difficult to interest customers in buying his company's nontoxic paints. Getting a new customer, he said, was like finding a needle in a haystack. >> Read the Full Article

Fires Race across Windy Oklahoma, Texas

Firefighters in Texas and Oklahoma battled wind-fueled wildfires Tuesday that burned homes and cars and forced one small town to evacuate residents. >> Read the Full Article

Ho, Ho, Swat: Festive Flies Drive Australians Crazy

Australians would be smart to keep their mouths shut and clothes on this holiday season. Christmas comes at the height of summer Down Under and summer brings flies -- billions of them. >> Read the Full Article