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In Northwestern Kenya, Drought Has Tribes Fighting for Water

Akiru Lomukuny's clan already has seen one boy killed, a girl raped and dozens of women beaten just for trying to get a drink of water. Now, she says, things are about to get a lot worse. >> Read the Full Article

Beijing Mayor Admits Traffic and Pollution Still Problems, but Can Be Tackled for Olympics

Beijing's increasingly clogged roads and polluted air are problems that the government will have to resolve in time for the 2008 Olympic Games, the mayor said Wednesday, expressing confidence that the goals will be met. >> Read the Full Article

Project Head Details Delays, Costs for Nuclear Waste Dump

A long-delayed nuclear waste dump in Nevada that has cost $9 billion so far is years away from opening, the project's director told frustrated lawmakers Wednesday, and will be at capacity from radioactive waste now accumulating. >> Read the Full Article

Countries Increasingly at Odds over Water Sharing

Nelida Botello just wants to grow oranges and grapefruits on her small farm in northern Mexico, a patch of green in the parched desert near the border with California. >> Read the Full Article

Japan to Invite Iraqi Officials to Marshland Conservation Training Rrogram

Visiting Iraqi officials on Wednesday participated in an environmental program designed to boost efforts to restore the country's fabled marshlands, Japan's Foreign Ministry said. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil's Thirst for Energy to Flood Amazon Habitats

Brazil's plans to dam two rivers in the Amazon basin to generate power threaten a treasure trove of animals and plants in a region with one of the world's richest arrays of wildlife, environmentalists say. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Reaches 'Tipping Point,' Report Says

Human-fueled global warming has reached a "tipping point," according to a new survey of scientific research that found warming would continue even if greenhouse gas emissions halted immediately. >> Read the Full Article

State of the World's Water Resources

The United Nations says that even though the world has plenty of fresh water, the problem of access to the resource is caused by mismanagement and corruption. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Sets Seal Hunt, Says Activists Mislead

Canada has said it would allow 325,000 young seals to be killed this year and accused activists of misleading the public in suggesting that white-coat baby animals were still being slaughtered. >> Read the Full Article

Democrats Want U.S. Budget Bill to Drop Oil Drilling

Senate Democrats will try to remove language from a pending budget bill that calls for the government to raise billions of dollars in leasing fees from oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. >> Read the Full Article