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California High Speed Rail Authority Approves Nation's First Environmental Impact Report for High-Speed Train System

The California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) voted unanimously today in the State Capitol to approve their environmental impact report on one of the nation's largest transportation projects. >> Read the Full Article

Vegetarian Dog Food Is Now Available Throughout the U.S.

The original vegetarian dog food, Happidog from England, is now available in the USA as V-dog. >> Read the Full Article

Constella Group Awarded Contract to Conduct Studies in Environmental Health

Constella Group, LLC, a leading global provider of professional health services, has won a $42.3 million contract with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, one of the 27 institutes within the National Institutes of Health, to support its clinical research studies over the next 10 years. >> Read the Full Article

Calif. Quake Could Devastate Water Supply

A major Northern California earthquake could severely damage the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta levee system and jeopardize the water supply for two-thirds of Californians for more than a year, a top state water official warned Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Zoo Atlanta Gorilla Gives Birth to Twins

A gorilla at Zoo Atlanta has given birth to twins _ only the sixth time that's happened in a North American zoo since 1966. >> Read the Full Article

North Korea Makes Virtue of Necessity

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is urging workers to produce more bicycles to cope with the lack of transport, improve people's health and prevent pollution just days after the country's first bike factory opened. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Proposes Protections for Imperiled Right Whales

Some of the world's last Pacific right whales will get special protections in the Bering Sea to boost the animals' chances of avoiding extinction, the National Marine Fisheries Service said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Vermont Adopts New Rules To Cut Car CO2 Emissions

Vermont on Wednesday approved stricter standards for vehicle emissions to reduce greenhouse gases, leading five other Northeastern states working on the same rules. >> Read the Full Article

Ruling Against New Land-Use Law Sows Uncertainty across Oregon

For decades, Jean Jesse has dreamed of building a home on the plot she owns near the Portland suburb of Hillsboro. She may have to dream a little longer. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Change Linked to Rise in Malaria, Asthma

Climate change may promote the spread of deadly diseases like malaria and asthma in both rich and poor countries by increasing the range of parasitic insects and whipping up dust from storms, a new report says. >> Read the Full Article