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Indian Cows Say Cheese to Check Smuggling

Villagers in eastern India have been lining up to get their cattle photographed as part of a new scheme to stop smuggling of the animals into Bangladesh, officials said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Conservatories Create Magical Year-Round Living Under Glass

Borrowing an idea from the glass houses traditionally used in England as horticultural buildings to grow delicate plants, some high-end homeowners are adding conservatories and orangeries to their residences to combine the comfort of being indoors with the splendor of the great outdoors. >> Read the Full Article

Isuzu and Toyota Reach Basic Agreement on Small Diesel Engines

Isuzu Motors Limited (Isuzu) and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today that they have reached a basic agreement concerning a business collaboration on the development, production and supply of small diesel engines. Isuzu and TMC signed a memorandum of understanding last November to begin studying the synergic effects of business collaboration to mutually utilize their management resources in the fields of R&D and production, and to supplement each other's technological development. Since then, the two companies have conducted investigations with the aim of reaching agreement on the specific details of the business collaboration. >> Read the Full Article

Study Says Greenhouse Warming Was Main Cause of Unusual Heat in 2006

Warming caused by human activity was the biggest factor in unusually high temperatures recorded in 2006 in the United States, according to a report by researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. >> Read the Full Article

Company Says Product Will Help Heal Soil after Wildfires

The millions of acres scorched by wildfires and left susceptible to mudslides can be shored up by spreading inexpensive granules that a company says will keep barren soil in place when the rainy season arrives. >> Read the Full Article

Beijing's Pollution Could Compromise Athletes' Performance, Scientists Say

For most people, breathing polluted air means itchy eyes, a nagging cough, or a nasty smell. But for Olympic athletes competing in Beijing next year, it could mean losing a medal -- unless authorities deliver on promises for a radical cleanup. >> Read the Full Article

China Claims Sighting of Rare River Dolphin Thought to Be Extinct

A rare white dolphin native to China's Yangtze river that scientists declared extinct last year has been spotted swimming in the wild, state media said Wednesday. The baiji or white flag dolphin survived for millions of years but was declared effectively extinct in December after a fruitless six-week search of its Yangtze River habitat. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesia Seeks Plan to Save Rare Tigers, Elephants

More than 100 experts and officials met in Indonesia on Wednesday to try to draft an action plan to save Sumatran elephants and tigers threatened with extinction. Satellite images show large areas of lowland tropical forests, the primary habitat for elephants and tigers, have been cleared on Sumatra island mainly due to farming and logging. >> Read the Full Article

India Tribe to Honor Al Gore on Global Warming

Tribal people in India's remote northeast plan to honour former U.S. Vice President Al Gore with an award for promoting awareness on climate change that they say will have a devastating impact on their homeland. >> Read the Full Article

Offsets, the Indulgences of Today?

What do political heartbreaker turned environmental heartthrob Al Gore, British rockers Coldplay, and multinational banking giant HSBC have in common? They are all seeking to make personal and business activities carbon neutral. More and more, wealthy individuals and companies are offsetting their carbon consumption out of a sincere concern for the environment, for good public relations, and for economic value. >> Read the Full Article