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Dropping Ice Age Scenario, Researchers Discard Gulf Stream Catastrophe Scenario

From the deck of a research ship moored in these gusty north Atlantic islands, workers are offloading three bright orange buoys whose sonar devices will help Bogi Hansen fill more gaps in an intriguing twist on climate change forecasts. >> Read the Full Article

<I>Arctic Tale</I> Puts Faces To Global-Warming Threat

"Arctic Tale," produced by the company behind "March of the Penguins" and narrated by singer-actress Queen Latifah, depicts the lives of female polar bear cub "Nanu" and female walrus calf "Seela" from birth to parenthood. The characters are composites of animals filmed in the Arctic over 10 years. >> Read the Full Article

China Plants Trees To Hold Back Desertification

Seven years ago, with the desert creeping south at the rate of 3 km (2 miles) a year and the dust storms getting worse, the Chinese government decided to act and the solution was typical of a country where the Great Wall stands as the ultimate grand project. It began building a "Green Great Wall", a 700-km (435 mile) barrier of trees and enclosed grassland which will stretch across Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Shanxi provinces by 2010. >> Read the Full Article

Push for Increase in Biofuels Causes Oil Industry To Scale Back Refinery Expansion

A push from Congress and the White House for huge increases in biofuels, such as ethanol, is prompting the oil industry to scale back its plans for refinery expansions. That could keep gasoline prices high, possibly for years to come. >> Read the Full Article

Call of the Not-So-Wild: Coyotes Thriving in Big Cities in the East and Midwest

ile E. Coyote, as a comically ineffective predator, is always good for a laugh. The antics of his real-life kin provoke a different kind of reaction as cities and suburbs in the East and Midwest find themselves in unfamiliar territory. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming To Multiply World's Refugee Burden

If rising sea levels force the people of the Maldive Islands to seek new homes, who will look after them in a world already turning warier of refugees? The daunting prospect of mass population movements set off by climate change and environmental disasters poses an imminent new challenge that no one has yet figured out how to meet. >> Read the Full Article

New York's Bloomberg Takes SUV to Green Car Event

It's not easy going green. Just ask New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He arrived at a green car initiative Thursday at the American Museum of Natural History in a small motorcade of fuel-guzzling sport utility vehicles. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Examine Cause of Bee Die-Off

Scientists investigating a mysterious ailment that killed many of the nation's honeybees are concentrating on pesticides and a new pathogen as possible culprits, and some beekeepers are already trying to keep their colonies away from pesticide-exposed fields. >> Read the Full Article

Gore Calls G8 Agreement on Climate Change a Disgrace

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore denounced a deal by world leaders on curbing greenhouse gases as "a disgrace disguised as an achievement", saying on Thursday the agreement struck last week was insufficient. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Approves Plan To Bury Its Nuclear Waste

Canada said Thursday it had approved the idea of burying nuclear waste from its power plants deep in the ground at a single location, a proposal that green activists immediately condemned as too risky. >> Read the Full Article