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On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: Organic Marijuana

About two months ago, California's Mendocino County petitioned the state to allow regulation and certification of organic marijuana farms. >> Read the Full Article

In Latin America, a New Gold Rush Runs into Opposition over Strip Mines, Cyanide

A surge in world gold prices is attracting U.S. and Canadian companies eager for another crack at the Latin American lodes that once enriched the Old World. But their modern-day methods -- strip mines and cyanide-based refining -- are meeting fierce resistance. >> Read the Full Article

Sheep and Insects to Help Kill Exotic Weeds in Arizona Forests

Three of Arizona's national forests will soon be providing a smorgasbord for weevils, flies, moths, beetles and sheep. The critters are expected to be sent in as early as this summer to munch on dangerous and invasive weeds that are harming endangered and threatened native plants and wildlife. >> Read the Full Article

Alternatives to Ozone-Depleting Chemicals also Contributing to Climate Change, U.N. Says

Alternatives to ozone-depleting chemicals in products like pesticides and aerosols are also contributing to climate change, according to a U.N. report released Monday. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Meeting Tackles 'Silent Humanitarian Crisis'

A high-level U.N. meeting is trying to tackle what a senior U.N. official called the world's "silent humanitarian crisis" -- dirty water, poor sanitation and slums. >> Read the Full Article

Adobe House Designed To Be Self-Sufficient

A Los Angeles entrepreneur who divides his time between Taos and the West Coast has created what he calls a prototype for sustainable-energy homes of the future. >> Read the Full Article

Neighbors Challenge Tyson Food Poultry Plant's Air Quality

Ralph Moorefield lives in a pretty brick house in Harmony that befits the town's name. But he complains that a stench from a nearby poultry plant makes it hard to breathe. >> Read the Full Article

Gas Situation Actually Has a Bright Side

Gas prices are near record high levels and they are not likely to fall significantly anytime soon. >> Read the Full Article

Tampa Firm Snags Deal for County's Computer Castoffs

Corey Hockensmith stands as the last line of defense to keep Tampa Bay's obsolete electronics from the landfill. >> Read the Full Article

States Look to National Guard as Last Resort in Coming Fire Season

The Northwest faces what could be one of its worst wildfire seasons in years, but military duty in Iraq means forestry officials might not be able to call on their states' National Guard units as much as they'd like. >> Read the Full Article