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United Technologies Touts Environment Record

United Technologies Corp. is going green, among other things. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Presents "Sky Tour"

ENN is thrilled to bring you a very special presentation: "Sky Tour," a personal tour of the night sky, hosted by ENN publisher Jerry Kay and featuring your tour guide Bing Quock of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. >> Read the Full Article

Eggs Hatching for Aurora the Octopus

Aurora -- with all eight of her arms -- held tight to her dream of motherhood. The aging Giant Pacific octopus, a resident of the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, embraced her maternal instinct and was rewarded this week as her eggs finally began hatching. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Sees Threat from Soil in Chinese Toy Guns

Canada said Thursday it was ordering the recall of 21,000 Chinese-made toy guns because the weapons contained soil which could contaminate crops and forests. >> Read the Full Article

Wholphin -- Part Whale, Part Dolphin -- Born in Captivity in Hawaii

A rare whale-dolphin mix has given birth to a playful female calf, said officials at a Hawaii water life park. >> Read the Full Article

Baby Rhino Named for Designer Marc Ecko

Designer Marc Ecko, who made a rhino logo into a fashion statement, now has a zoo rhino named in his honor. >> Read the Full Article

Democratic Senator Blocks Vote on Bush Nominee to Head EPA

A lone senator moved Thursday to block President Bush's choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency, accusing the White House and EPA of stonewalling his requests for data from the agency. >> Read the Full Article

Developing Nations Ripe for Wind, Solar Energy, U.N. Says

Developing countries could install hundreds of thousands of megawatts of renewable energy capacity and help relieve poverty and volatile oil bills in those nations, U.N. officials said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Singapore Finds it Hard to Expand without Sand

Few islands have ballooned in size like Singapore, whose original beaches, dunes and mangroves have disappeared under the pavement of its expanding metropolis. Over the last four decades, Singapore's borders have swollen by nearly 20 percent with a relentless series of land reclamation projects. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Likely to Miss Deadline for Issuing Rule on Views, Air Quality in National Parks

The Environmental Protection Agency seemed likely to miss a court-ordered deadline Friday for issuing new rules intended to improve the views and air quality in 156 national parks and wilderness areas. >> Read the Full Article