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Time to Reinvent Our Future

Last time, I suggested that human beings have almost always lived within a worldview in which everything is interconnected and where we knew we had responsibilities to act in certain ways to ensure nature's generosity and abundance would continue. But suddenly in the past century we've become blind to those interconnections and therefore have lost our sense of responsibility - and now it's putting our future at risk. >> Read the Full Article

California Seeks to Create More Solar Homes

California could have 1 million buildings producing solar energy by 2018, with half of all new homes powered by the sun, administration officials said as they outlined ways to meet one of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's more ambitious campaign promises. >> Read the Full Article

Cuts in Carbon Dioxide Emissions Urged

The world's chief climate scientist on Tuesday disputed the U.S. government contention that cutbacks in carbon dioxide emissions are not yet warranted to check global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Rich Need To Do More on Environment, World Bank Says

The World Bank Tuesday chastised rich countries for not giving enough to fund global environmental protection and warned that overall progress in meeting global environmental targets was "alarmingly slow." >> Read the Full Article

Experts Scramble for Way to Drain Oil from Ship Near Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Salvagers and federal and state officials are scrambling to develop a plan to drain the remaining fuel out of a wrecked freighter off Unalaska Island to avoid spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of thick bunker oil into coastal waters rich in crab, seabirds and marine mammals. >> Read the Full Article

Fish Mercury Poisoning Warning Goes Statewide in West Virginia

West Virginians should limit their consumption of fish from all state rivers and streams because of high levels of mercury poisoning, state regulators announced Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Farmers Wonder About Their Future as Technology Increasingly Takes Over Their Tasks

On today's farm, tractors and combines are bigger, faster and smarter. Soil tests and topography maps give farmers more information. Crops are more resistant to disease and pests. >> Read the Full Article

Study Says Dolphins Are Too Thin

One-third of the bottle-nose dolphins swimming off Israel's Mediterranean coast are too thin, apparently due to a lack of food from overfishing, researcher said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

EU Court Rules German Recycling Rules Discriminates against Non-German Bottlers

The European Union's top court ruled Tuesday that Germany has to modify its bottle recycling rules, which it said hinders drinks imports from other European countries. >> Read the Full Article

Fish Levels in Lake Michigan a Concern

On the surface, Lake Michigan is one of the world's biggest and wildest bodies of freshwater and a popular fishing destination. >> Read the Full Article