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EPA Soot Rules Said Not Strict Enough

Proposed federal regulations for soot, although stricter than current standards, are not strict enough, dozens of environmental and public-health advocates said Wednesday at a public hearing. >> Read the Full Article

Ice Thawing Earlier on Maine Lakes

Ice on dozens of lakes in Maine and four other states is melting earlier in the year than in decades past, according to a new analysis. >> Read the Full Article

House Moves to Strip Warnings from Food Labels

The House voted Wednesday to strip many warnings from food labels, potentially affecting alerts about arsenic in bottled water, lead in candy and allergy-causing sulfites, among others. >> Read the Full Article

EPA, Auto Industry Reach Deal on Mercury

The Environmental Protection Agency, the auto industry and environmental groups said Wednesday they have agreed to start a national program to collect mercury switches from scrapped automobiles. >> Read the Full Article

Bottom Trawling Banned in Some Waters

Federal fishery regulators imposed a permanent ban Wednesday on bottom trawl fishing in nearly 150,000 square miles of federal waters off the West Coast. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Threatens New Guinea Paradise

Exotic species in a little-known "Garden of Eden" in the mountains of New Guinea island are under threat from global warming, New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Companies Keep Cell Phones out of Trash and Turn Them into Cash

Phone carriers in California soon will have to offer buyers a way to return their cell phone to be resold or recycled. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Urged to Safeguard Species Act

As a Senate committee prepares to take up revisions to the Endangered Species Act, nearly 6,000 biologists from around the country signed a letter Wednesday urging senators to preserve scientific protections in the landmark law. >> Read the Full Article

'Skin Deep' Site Looks at Product Safety

Just because something is derived from a plant, doesn't mean it's entirely safe for humans to use -- especially on your skin. Have you ever heard of poison ivy? >> Read the Full Article

River Algae Prompts Concern for Trout

Waterway experts say an invasive algae is spreading in Arkansas, and the growth is thriving in one of the state's top trout fishing waterways. >> Read the Full Article