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EU Fisheries Ministers open Bartering Session over Ever-Dwindling Fish Quotas

European Union fisheries ministers opened their annual bartering session on fish quotas Tuesday, balancing the threat of rapidly shrinking stocks with the economic challenges facing fishermen. >> Read the Full Article

Seven U.S. States Sign CO2 Plan in Break with Bush

Seven northeastern U.S. states have signed the country's first plan to create a market for heat-trapping carbon dioxide by curbing emissions at power plants. >> Read the Full Article

On <I>Beyond Organic</I> -- A Farmer’s Pilgrimage: Interview with Michael Ableman

With just two percent of the population growing food for all of us, it’s fair to say farmers are a threatened species. They’re also not the most social crowd. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Proposes New Health-Based Soot Limits on Air Pollution

The EPA proposed stricter daily limits Tuesday for how many microscopic particles of air pollution, or soot, are safe for all Americans to breathe from the nation's smokestacks and tailpipes. >> Read the Full Article

Proposed Environmental Safeguards Challenged by Opponents of Arctic Refuge Drilling

The proposal to drill for oil in an Alaska wildlife refuge will create the most environmentally friendly oil field in the world, Interior Secretary Gale Norton said Tuesday -- a claim disputed by drilling opponents. >> Read the Full Article

South Asian Experts Vow To Protect Endangered Elephants

Asian elephant numbers are falling because of deforestation, road-building and expansion of farmlands and plans to protect remaining populations are crucial. >> Read the Full Article

Public Data Show Chemicals in Tap Water

Drinking water may have a lot more in it than just H20 and fluoride, according to an environmental group's analysis of records in 42 states. >> Read the Full Article

Maine Ballot Initiative on Water Tax Falls Short in Signature Drive

An initiative aimed at taxing spring water -- a first-in-the-nation proposal that rankled Maine bottler Poland Spring -- fell short Monday of attracting enough valid signatures to be placed on the ballot. >> Read the Full Article

Shipping Company To Pay $10 Million Fine in Atlantic Dumping Case

A Hong Kong-based shipping company has agreed to pay a $10 million (euro8.4 million) fine for dumping 40 tons of oil sludge into the Atlantic Ocean, federal prosecutors said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Chinese Companies, World Bank Deal Sign $930 Million Deal To Sell Pollution Credits

A World Bank fund will buy pollution credits from two Chinese chemical companies under a plan that lets richer countries meet commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions by paying for reductions in poorer economies. >> Read the Full Article