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Tibet To Ban Gold Mining To Protect the Environment

Local officials in Tibet plan to ban the mining of gold, mercury, arsenic and peat to preserve mineral resources and protect the environment, state media reported Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Kilimanjaro's Shrinking Snow Not a Sign of Warming

While the retreat of glaciers and mountaintop ice in the mid-latitudes -- where much of the world's human population lives -- is definitely linked to global climate change, the same cannot be said of Kilimanjaro, the researchers wrote in the July-August edition of American Scientist magazine. >> Read the Full Article

Salvage Logging, Replanting Worse

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, scientists have found that logging big dead trees after a wildfire and planting young ones makes future fires worse, at least for the first 10 or 20 years while the young trees create a volatile new source of fuel. >> Read the Full Article

Environment Leaders Meet in Sweden for Informal Talks on Climate Change

Environment experts and ministers from around the world on Monday gathered in Sweden to informally discuss the options and possibilities of a new global climate agreement that would replace the Kyoto Protocol in 2012. >> Read the Full Article

Mexico Sends Police, Soldiers To Detain Illegal Loggers South of Capital

More than 1,000 officers, soldiers and federal agents arrested three men Monday as they were sent to detain illegal loggers in a mountain region south of Mexico City where an environmentalist was killed last month. >> Read the Full Article

Death Toll from Bangladesh Mudslides, Lightning Reaches 105

A torrent of mudslides, flooding and lightning killed at least 105 people and left scores more missing as the annual monsoon rains hit Bangladesh, washing away shanties and inundating cities, officials said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Justices Let Companies Sue To Recover Costs in Voluntary Cleanups

The Supreme Court ruled against the Bush administration Monday in an environmental lawsuit, allowing a company to seek recovery of some of its costs for voluntarily cleaning a hazardous site. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Seeks to Conserve Genetic Resources

The United Nations is stepping up its campaign to conserve the world's genetic resources so crops and animals can adapt to global warming and other challenges, focusing on fish for the first time since fish are increasingly being bred to meet the world's food needs. >> Read the Full Article

Past Contaminated Water at Lejeune Suspected in Death and Illness

Thousands of Marines and their families went to serve their country at North Carolina's Camp Lejeune. Instead, many wound up fighting it, blaming the government for failing to protect them from an enemy that invaded their lives in a most intimate way: through the water that quenched their thirst, cooked their food and filled their bathtubs every day. >> Read the Full Article

Bear Detection Kits Seen as Having Potential To Curb Illegal Trade

"Bear detection kits" may help crack down on an illegal trade in bear products supplied by Asian farms where animals are locked in cramped cages, a conservation group said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article