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Bleak World Environment Report Shows One Andean Success Story: The Vicuna

While a new environmental report gives a gloomy assessment of human management of the Earth, buried among its charts and graphs is one Andean success story that bucks the trend of a decline in wildlife species: the vicuna, a smaller, fleet-footed cousin of the camel. >> Read the Full Article

Rampant Development Threatens UAE Wildlife, Says Group

The United Arab Emirate's unique natural habitats are under threat from unfettered development, the local director of global conservation group WWF said. >> Read the Full Article

India Hopes to Breed Endangered Tibetan Antelope

Conservationists in the Indian Himalayas want to set up a program to breed an endangered Tibetan antelope that is slaughtered in huge numbers to make super-fine shahtoosh wool. >> Read the Full Article

Polluted Beijing Races Clock to Clean Up Its Act

On a crisp, clear autumn day, with Olympic officials heading to town to look at construction sites for the 2008 Games, China's capital is racing against time to hit its clean air target of 227 days this year. >> Read the Full Article

Utility Industry Official Disputes Galveston Bay Mercury Emissions Warnings

Bush administration policies will allow coal-burning power plants to spew six times more mercury into the air in the next decade than the federal Clean Air Act now permits, two Texas environmental groups said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Ouray, Colo., Water Bottler Offers Environmentally Friendly Product

In a world battling over dwindling supplies of petroleum and water, David Zutler reckons he has found the perfect product. >> Read the Full Article

Florida-Based Firm to Treat Radioactive Waste at Washington State Nuclear Site

Perma-Fix Environmental Services has been awarded a contract valued at up to $23 million to treat Hanford low-level radioactive waste mixed with organic solvents. >> Read the Full Article

Three Countries Block E.U. Plan to Penalize Polluters

Greece, Cyprus, and Malta blocked European Union proposals Tuesday to set minimum punishments for skippers and shipping companies responsible for oil slicks. >> Read the Full Article

Cholera Outbreak in Senegal Kills Two, Infects 82 Others

Two people have died of cholera in this West African nation's capital, while 82 others have contracted the waterborne disease, the health minister said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Canada to Protect Slug, Whale, and Other Endangered Species

The North Atlantic right whale, western wolverine, and the dromedary jumping-slug on Canada's Pacific coast will soon share a dubious distinction. >> Read the Full Article