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Mexico Suspends Permit for Controversial U.S. Research Ship

Mexico announced Friday it has suspended permits for a U.S. research vessel conducting sound-wave experiments in the Gulf after the ship ran aground on a coral reef and damaged it. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Could Worsen US Pollution, Report Says

Global warming could stifle cleansing summer winds across parts of the northern United States over the next 50 years and worsen air pollution, U.S. researchers said Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

California in Deal to Preserve Hearst Coastal Area

California has completed a $95 million deal that has the state receiving 13 miles of pristine coastline and an agreement from the Hearst Corporation barring development of 81,000 acres of adjacent ranch land, officials said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Careful Flooding May Restore Iraq Marshes, Experts Say

Wetlands that once sheltered Marsh Arabs and a host of wildlife in southern Iraq are being partly restored and could offer a haven once again if it is done right, experts said Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Sets Limit for Rocket Fuel Pollutant

The government on Friday issued its first safety standard for perchlorate, a toxic chemical used in rocket fuel and explosives and blamed for widespread contamination of drinking water near military sites. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil's Drive to Become World's Bread Basket Blamed for Amazon Land Violence

Three decades after settling in the remote rainforest to clear brush and grow cocoa under the shadows of towering jungle trees, Luis Domingues da Silva is starting to see the first hints that Brazil's booming agribusiness industry is heading his way. >> Read the Full Article

Passage of Air Quality Legislation is Cloudy -- An ENN Commentary

The U.S. stands poised to make the most significant changes to its air quality in fifteen years. EPA has estimated that the health and productivity benefits from the original Clean Air Act of 1970 have now exceeded 6 trillion dollars at a cost of less than 600 billion (or 10-fold return on investment). >> Read the Full Article

Court Finds Fault with EPA Haze Program for Parks, Wilderness

A federal appeals court on Friday rejected a government-approved program used by five Western states to improve their air quality and visibility in national parks and wilderness areas. >> Read the Full Article

Experts: Scientific Influence Wanes, Research Funding Weakened in Bush Administration

The voice of science is being stifled in the Bush administration, with fewer scientists heard in policy discussions and money for research and advanced training being cut, according to panelists at a national science meeting. >> Read the Full Article

Bears on China Farms Face "Barbaric Cruelty"-Group

Bears kept on Chinese farms for their bile are suffering barbaric cruelty despite years of attempts by authorities to stem the practice, a Hong Kong-based animal welfare group said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article