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Nissan, NEC To Produce Batteries for Ecologically Friendly Vehicles

Nissan and electronics maker NEC will produce batteries for ecologically friendly vehicles, the companies said Friday, signaling efforts by the Japanese automaker to catch up with rivals that have a head start in green technology. >> Read the Full Article

Southern Sudanese Give Cows for Love, Not Money

Peace in southern Sudan turns people's thoughts to marriage and investment -- both of which traditionally involve giving, or keeping, cows. For the government, the cows are proving too much of a good thing. >> Read the Full Article

Brunei To Curb Commercial Fishing Amid Dwindling Marine Stocks

Brunei will impose a moratorium on commercial fishing in coastal waters starting January 2008 following a plunge in fish stocks, an official said. Only small-scale, individual fishing will be permitted until marine resources recover to sustainable levels in waters known as Zone 1. >> Read the Full Article

Britain Hopes UN Climate Debate Spurs Policy Push

Britain hopes the first climate change debate at the U.N. Security Council next week will jolt global leaders into making the policy changes needed to head off a looming security threat from environmental damage. >> Read the Full Article

Florida Manatees May Lose Endangered Status

Florida manatees are dying in record numbers and the lumbering marine mammals face growing threats from speedboats, a toxic foe called red tide and the potential loss of their warm winter havens at power plants. >> Read the Full Article

Development Waste Fouls Vietnam's Rivers, Report Says

Pollution is making water from rivers near Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City practically unusable as economic development overtakes Vietnam's efforts to protect the waterways, environmental experts say. >> Read the Full Article

Wild Horses Munch Desolate Marshland Back to Life

Close to the cathedral city of Canterbury, wild horses linked to sinister Nazi experiments are helping to bring wildlife and rare birds back to once desolate marshlands. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: April 9th - 13th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news April 9th - 13th: Renewable fuel standards, "green" weddings, lion protections, Schwarzenegger in Washington, and much more. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Army Signs French Company To Incinerate Nerve Agent Waste

The Army, thwarted in two previous bids to dispose of chemical waste from the destruction of a deadly VX nerve agent stockpile, has contracted with a French company to incinerate the waste at a Texas plant, but environmentalists said they will fight that effort as well. >> Read the Full Article

Toronto's Scoop on Too Much Dog Poop

Toronto bylaws requiring dog walkers to "stoop and scoop" are yielding an unmanageable amount of poop in park trash bins. An auditor's report this week showed that up to 27 per cent of all garbage collected from city parks is pet poop. >> Read the Full Article