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Japan Plans 30-Year Supercomputer Forecasts

Japan is planning ultra long-range 30-year weather forecasts that will predict typhoons, storms, blizzards, droughts and other inclement weather, an official said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

New Opening Date for Yucca Mountain Waste Dump Is 2017

The Energy Department has a new opening date for the long-delayed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump in Nevada: March 31, 2017. That's 19 years late. >> Read the Full Article

Toyota to Pursue Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Already a leader in the hybrid market with its Prius sedan, Toyota Motor Corp. plans to develop a hybrid vehicle that will run locally on batteries charged by a typical 120-volt outlet before switching over to a gasoline engine for longer hauls. >> Read the Full Article

Haifa Zoo Uses Bomb-Proof Cages to Secure Carnivores

Staff at Israel's Haifa zoo have locked the lions and tigers in bomb proof cages to stop them escaping if there is a hit from a Hizbollah missile. >> Read the Full Article

Fire Ants on the Rise in Coastal Virginia

Fire ants are showing up in greater numbers in coastal Virginia, much to the alarm of gardeners and farmers who dare disturb their nests. >> Read the Full Article

Falcons Get Glimpse of New Texas Habitat

After living in cardboard U-Haul boxes for two days, 28 endangered North American aplomado falcons got a glimpse of their new home in the rugged West Texas desert Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Britain's Solar Boat a Scientific Advance

Britain's biggest solar-powered boat debuted Tuesday on a lake in London's Hyde Park, opening what its developers hope is a door to the future of solar-powered transportation. >> Read the Full Article

High Pesticide Exposure Found among Migrant Workers

High levels of pesticide exposure have been detected in children of migrant workers in eastern North Carolina, where an estimated 21,000 people work in vast fields of tomatoes, cucumbers and other produce. >> Read the Full Article

Study Finds Beaches Sicken 1.5 Million in California

As many as 1.5 million people are sickened by bacterial pollution on Southern California beaches each year, resulting in millions of dollars in public health care costs, a new study has found. >> Read the Full Article

Volunteers Pluck Eight Million Pounds of Trash from Beaches

Cigarettes and their filters topped the list of trash items culled from beaches worldwide during last year's annual international coastal cleanup, according to a report. >> Read the Full Article