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AskPablo: How can I reduce the emissions of my company's fleet?

This week Jamie asked me about the climate change impact of her company’s vehicle fleet and the options for reducing it. Her company has a vehicle fleet of 738 vehicles that average around 30,000 miles per year each. That adds up to 22,140,000 vehicle miles per year, or 0.00131% of US annual passenger miles (22,140,000 miles / 1,689,240,950,000 miles).


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Cap and Trade vs. Carbon Tax

"That's the greenest building in New York," exclaimed Vincent DeVito, pointing skyward from a busy corner in midtown Manhattan. The new New York Times building, still under construction, loomed over us both. DeVito's employer, law firm Pepper Hamilton LLP, recently moved its New York branch to the 37th floor.

The new skyscraper's views are breathtaking ("I can see the Atlantic ocean!"), but what really thrills DeVito is the innovative curtain of ceramic tubing that drapes the building, reflecting sunlight and cooling the interior. "I come from the school that believes we should be doing green technology because it's good for business," he said.

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Manhattan tops salaries at $2,821 per week

NEW YORK (Reuters) - At $2,821 per week, people in Manhattan earned three times the average U.S. wage in the first quarter of this year, boosted by financial sector bonuses, government statistics showed on Monday.

Equivalent to nearly $147,000 per year, average weekly pay for Manhattan residents shot up 16.7 percent from the same period of 2006, maintaining its spot as the wealthiest county in the United States.

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Wrecked Black Sea ships start to leak sulphur

KIEV (Reuters) - Sulphur from two ships that sank in a storm near the Black Sea last week is leaking into waters already polluted by an oil spill from another vessel, UkraIne's Environment Ministry said on Monday.

Four ships sank in the Kerch Strait on the northern mouth of the Black Sea in one of the worst storms in a century. They included a Russian-registered tanker which disgorged hundreds of tons of oil, creating a environmental disaster for the area's delicate ecology.

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NGOs say current quotas put tuna stocks at risk

Over-fishing to supply the sushi trade has decimated stocks of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean over the last decade. Campaign groups and some countries, led by the United States, have said only a complete fishing ban for up to five years can reverse the decline.

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Volkswagen eyes U.S. plant decision in '08

DETROIT (Reuters) - Volkswagen AG <VOWG.DE> will decide in the first half of 2008 on building a U.S. plant, the chief executive of the automaker's American operations told Reuters on Monday.

Speaking at the Reuters Autos Summit in Detroit, Stefan Jacoby said the automaker will consider the time zone and the availability of a good workforce before narrowing the possible site candidates to three to four U.S. states.

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Fuel costs seen cutting holiday spending

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of consumers expecting to cut holiday spending is at its highest level in recent years, with most citing high gasoline and home heating costs, according to an industry survey released on Monday.

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New carbon offset standard aims for transparency

The Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), one of several sets of international guidelines introduced recently, aims to certify the validity of voluntary offsets, or VERs, bought by consumers and corporations seeking to reduce their planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, or 'carbon footprint'.

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Climate report revives "dangerous" change dispute

OSLO (Reuters) - Governments have promised to try to avert "dangerous" climate change expected to bring about rising seas, droughts and floods, but have yet to agree on a common definition of where the danger starts.

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UK must aim for near carbon-free power by 2020: PM

"Virtually all electricity by 2020 (must be) from low carbon sources," Brown told a meeting of environmental activists and businessmen in London.

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