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Umbra on What Global Warming Will Mean for Average Folks

A recent environmental-science grad's girlfriend asks him what global warming has got to do with her. He learned good stuff in his classes -- really, he did! -- but he struggles to come up with a straightforward, bite-sized answer. Umbra comes to the rescue with web linkage galore and a lesson in global inequality -- in Ask Umbra, on the Grist Magazine website. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Sue Bush Administration over New Forest Rules

Environmentalists sued the Bush administration on Thursday over new rules for managing the 192 million acres of national forests. >> Read the Full Article

Britain Criticizes US Climate Change Record

In another jab at its closest ally, Britain criticized U.S. environmental policy again on Thursday, urging the Bush administration to place climate change high on its agenda. >> Read the Full Article

Group Seeks Protection for Polar Bears

A conservation group filed a formal petition Wednesday seeking to list the polar bear as a threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act, saying global warming could make it extinct by the end of the century. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Agrees to Consider Requiring Pollution Cuts in 13 Eastern States

The government agreed Thursday to decide by this summer whether it should force coal-fired power plants in 13 Eastern states to reduce unhealthy air pollution that also is blamed for obscuring views of the Smoky Mountains. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil's President Creates Massive Forest Reserves after Killing of American Nun

Brazil's president ordered the creation of two massive new rain forest reserves Thursday amid increasing pressure to protect a lawless Amazon region from violent loggers and ranchers after the killing last weekend of an American nun who fought to protect the jungle. >> Read the Full Article

Calif. Elks Will Be Sent to Roam Free

Dozens of tule elk will be sent to areas where they can roam freely, from the northern Coast Ranges to the southern Sierra Nevada, in an attempt to restore a native California species that has rebounded from the brink of extinction. >> Read the Full Article

Dream or Nightmare?

(By James Quigley) Let's imagine a modern day Rip Van Winkle, Washington Irving's fabled character who fell asleep for twenty years. To what kind of a world would he awaken in 2025, two decades from now? >> Read the Full Article

Rampant Lobster Disease Mystifies Scientists

Scientists and fishermen tried to tackle the problem of Southern New England's dying lobsters yesterday afternoon, but after hours of talk it looked like they were stuck in the first 15 minutes of a crime-scene mystery. >> Read the Full Article

Frenchville Residents Get Update on Odorous Manure

Residents of this St. John Valley town plagued by smells emanating from a chicken manure composting facility north of the border were looking for answers Wednesday morning. What they learned was that Canadian environmental agencies are studying the problem. >> Read the Full Article