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Pressure on GOP to Accept Limited Expansion of Offshore Oil, Gas Drilling

The Democrats' return to power is increasing pressure on House Republican leaders to accept a limited expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling. >> Read the Full Article

Space Maps of Forests from 1990s Could Aid Climate

Photographs taken from space can track deforestation in developing nations and could be used along with cash incentives to safeguard trees and combat global warming, experts say. >> Read the Full Article

El Nino Expected to Continue Into 2007

The unusual warming of water in the Pacific Ocean known as El Nino is expected to continue into winter, affecting weather in North America, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Environment Crises Plague China a Year after Spill

China needs to wake up to its pollution crisis, a top environment official warned on Thursday, saying the country still suffers frequent environmental accidents a year after a disastrous explosion at a chemical plant. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Says It Has No Plans to Pull out of Kyoto

Canada faces an uphill task meeting targets to cut greenhouse gases under the Kyoto Protocol but it has no plans to withdraw from the U.N.-brokered pact, the head of the U.N. climate change secretariat said. >> Read the Full Article

EU Environment Chief Urges Member States Not to Undermine Emissions Trading Plan

The European Union's environmental chief on Thursday urged member states not to undermine Europe's emissions trading plan -- lauded as an international model for reducing pollution. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Change Melting Fabled African Glaciers

Climate change is melting a legendary ice field in equatorial Africa and may soon thaw it out completely, threatening fresh water supplies to hundreds of thousands of people, a climate expert said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Millions in Asia Suffering from Lack of Water and Proper Sanitation

Two out of three people in South Asia lack basic sanitation, numbers that put the region on a par with sub-Saharan Africa, said a U.N. report issued Thursday that described the provision of toilet facilities as crucial to social and economic development. >> Read the Full Article

Mississippi Landowners Make Millions in Post-Katrina Land-Rush

Hurricane Katrina has turned some of Mary Rose's neighbors into instant millionaires, but the 70-year-old retiree is still waiting for her turn to cash in on the land rush generated by the Gulf Coast's booming casino industry. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Say Millions Could Flee Rising Seas

Nations must make plans to help tens of millions of "sea level refugees" if climate change continues to ravage the world's oceans, German researchers said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article