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Mattel Recalls Millions More Toys Over Lead And Magnets

Mattel Inc., the largest U.S. toy company, recalled millions more Chinese-made toys on Tuesday due to hazards from small, powerful magnets and lead paint, and warned it may recall additional products as it steps up testing on thousands of toys. >> Read the Full Article

DiCaprio Brightens up on Gloomy Green Outlook

Tired of global warming doom and gloom? Here's something new from Hollywood's king of green, Leonardo DiCaprio: there is hope for a brighter future. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Develop Bendable Battery

It's a battery that looks like a piece of paper and can be bent or twisted, trimmed with scissors or molded into any shape needed. While the battery is only a prototype a few inches square right now, the researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who developed it have high hopes for it in electronics and other fields that need smaller, lighter power sources. >> Read the Full Article

After Russia and Canada, U.S. Ship Headed for Arctic

A U.S. Coast Guard cutter is headed to the Arctic this week on a mapping mission to determine whether part of this area can be considered U.S. territory, after recent polar forays by Russia and Canada. >> Read the Full Article

Chile and Peru in Fishing Waters Row

Chile called home its ambassador in Peru Monday as a dispute flared over disputed maritime territory between the South American neighbors. They have bickered over the rich Pacific coast fishing waters for years, and Peru published a new map Sunday that pushes its bid to negotiate a new sea border. >> Read the Full Article

Harness the Sun to Save Money, Save the Earth

Are your electric bills going through the roof? A solution just may be up there too:The roof is a great place to install solar collectors that convert the sun's energy directly into electricity. >> Read the Full Article

New Study: The DNA Of Ancient Organisms In Melting Glaciers May Return To Life

The DNA of ancient microorganisms, long frozen in glaciers, may return to life as the glaciers melt. This according to a paper published online this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by scientists at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and Boston University. >> Read the Full Article

New Zealand Environment Agency OKs Continued Use of 1080 Pesticide

With up to 70 million possums munching trees and spreading bovine tuberculosis through New Zealand's farms, the country has no option but to continue using the pesticide 1080 to eradicate the problem, the nation's environmental control agency said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Race Is on to Detect Dark Matter

In deep underground laboratories around the globe, a high-tech race is on to spot dark matter, the invisible cosmic glue that's believed to keep galaxies from spinning apart. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists, U.N. Agencies Meet to Discuss World's Water Needs

Scientists, U.N. agency representatives and professionals from more than 130 countries meet in Sweden this week to discuss the world's water needs and sources. >> Read the Full Article