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Indian State to Export Farmers to East Africa

A southern Indian state plans to send hundreds of farmers to east Africa to cultivate farmland in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, officials said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Africa Power Firms Join to Light Up Dark Continent

The latest scheme to spread electric light in Africa may sound familiar, but this time African leaders say they have the will, and financial backing, to succeed. >> Read the Full Article

Chile Uses Anti-Terror Law Against Indians, Says Report

Chile's center-left government is using a draconian anti-terror law inherited from former dictator Augusto Pinochet to repress Indian protesters battling for land rights, rights groups said this week. >> Read the Full Article

Politics and Gas Fuel Battle over New Mexico Forest

A Texas energy company may get rights to drill in a pristine swathe of a New Mexico national forest after a White House task force intervened on its behalf, a move that has become a hot issue in the battleground state of New Mexico before next week's presidential election. >> Read the Full Article

Sri Lanka Wants to Become a Whale Watchers' Paradise

Sri Lanka's government plans to develop an eastern port city as a center for tourists hoping to spot whales migrating along its coastline, an official said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Royal Dutch-Shell to Become One

Royal Dutch-Shell Group of Companies — an oil giant with a corporate governance structure as complicated as its name — is trying to simplify. >> Read the Full Article

Roanoke, Va., Feed Mill Receives Award for Innovative Recycling Program

A few employees at the Southern States Roanoke Feed Mill kid their boss about being a recycling fanatic. He takes it in stride, knowing his grandchildren will one day thank him for doing his part to protect the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Cholera Outbreak Kills Two in Camp for People Who Fled the Insurgency in Northern Uganda

A cholera outbreak has killed two people and affected some 50 others in the largest camp for people who fled their homes to escape an 18-year insurgency in northern Uganda, the United Nations said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Hope to Find More Tiny Indonesia Hominids

Australian scientists who found a new species of hobbit-sized humans who lived about 13,000 years ago on an Indonesian island said on Thursday they expect to discover more new species of hominids on neighboring islands. >> Read the Full Article

Fishermen Brainstorm Strategies to Defeat Proposed Restrictions in U.S. Virgin Islands

About 100 fishermen met Wednesday to brainstorm strategies to defeat proposals that would ban the fishing of a handful of popular species. >> Read the Full Article