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Environmentalists Declare Victory Over Judge's Order To Step Up Wolf Preservation Efforts in Northeast

A federal judge Friday ordered the Bush administration to step up efforts to restore the gray wolf to four northeastern states, a ruling environmentalists called a major victory. "The wolves are howlin'" in celebration, said Patrick Parenteau, director of the environmental law clinic at Vermont Law School. >> Read the Full Article

Global Chemical Contamination Threatens Child Development

(By Vicki Wolf) As if cancer, an epidemic of childhood asthma and heart disease weren't enough reasons to take precautionary action regarding pollution of the air water and soil, global chemical contamination now threatens the talent and intelligence of future generations. Concern is growing worldwide over the long-term health effects of chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Exposure to POPs is shifting the IQ of the population downward – more developmentally-challenged people and fewer gifted people, according to Lynn Goldman, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins University pediatrician and epidemiologist. >> Read the Full Article

Fugitive L.A. Alligator Becomes Local Folk Hero

More than a week after a man-sized alligator stunned authorities by surfacing in a murky Los Angeles lake, the fugitive reptile has already become a folk hero in the gritty neighborhood where he continues to outwit wranglers and elude capture. >> Read the Full Article

Rain-Sodden Swedes Consoled by Mushroom Mania

When Prime Minister Goran Persson wanted to cheer up Swedes enduring the wettest summer for 13 years, he first tried promising more jobs. Then, he hit upon their weak spot: mushrooms. >> Read the Full Article

Sexy Posters to Protect Mexico's Turtles

Sex sells everything from diet products to car tires, but Mexican authorities have found a new use for posters of scantily dressed young women: protecting endangered sea turtles. >> Read the Full Article

Newmont Mining to Challenge Pollution Case

The world's largest gold mining company will return to court Friday to defend itself against charges that it polluted a bay in Indonesia, sickening villagers who lived nearby. Lawyers for Denver-based Newmont Mining Corp. are expected to argue that the investigation was flawed and that the law has been poorly applied. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Try to Save Rare and Randy Warbler

Europe's rarest songbird is facing extinction, despite being the most promiscuous and energetic lover in the avian world, and concerned scientists are looking urgently for ways to save it. >> Read the Full Article

Cameroon Dam Nears Collapse, 10,000 Lives at Risk

A natural dam holding back a lake in Cameroon is on the verge of collapse, threatening to unleash a wall of water into neighbouring Nigeria and sweep away 10,000 people in its path, a scientist warned on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

SE Asia Seeks Cooperation with China, Japan, South Korea on Environmental Protection

Southeast Asian countries will work with China, Japan and South Korea to combat ecological problems like the forest fire-generated smoke haze that recently hit Indonesia and Malaysia, officials said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

N2Revolution Tire Inflation System Improves Vehicle Performance, Gas Mileage, and Environment

N2Revolution, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer that develops environmentally friendly automotive products, has announced the official launch of PurigeN98, its flagship product designed to improve energy efficiency, safety and the environment, Wednesday, September 14, 2005. >> Read the Full Article