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A Question for EarthTalk

What impact does mining for diamonds and other gems have on the environment? >> Read the Full Article

Laugh and Be Well

It might seem odd that something as ordinary as laughing has become the focus of an exercise class. But in these stressful times, we have apparently either forgotten how to laugh or just don’t find much that’s funny. >> Read the Full Article

Congratulations! ... On Overpaying For This Greeting Card

The High Price of Paper Greeting Cards, Waste, Recycling, and Environmental Solutions >> Read the Full Article

Whacking Weeds

You can have a beautiful, weed-free lawn and garden—without chemicals. >> Read the Full Article

Trend Watching: Product Stewardship -- Who Takes out the Trash?

One important but little-discussed difference between the Canadian and American parts of Cascadia is their different philosophies about trash. >> Read the Full Article