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Study Finds Hollywood Contributes to Los Angeles' Poor Air Quality

Special effects explosions, idling vehicles, teams of workers building monumental sets -- all of it contributes to Hollywood's newly discovered role as an air polluter, a university study has found. >> Read the Full Article

Sweden Tops Climate Change Efforts, U.S. Near Bottom, Environmentalists Say

Sweden, Britain and Denmark are doing the most to protect against climate change, but their efforts are not nearly enough, according to a report released Monday by environmental groups. >> Read the Full Article

Kids Walk to Moon and Back in Climate Campaign

Children in nine countries have walked further than to the Moon and back as part of a campaign to cut the use of cars widely blamed for stoking global warming. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Climate Fight Seen More Flexible after 2012

A U.N.-led fight against global warming is likely to be more flexible after 2012 in hopes of enlisting outsiders such as the United States and China, delegates at U.N. climate talks say. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Faces U.N. Grilling over Kyoto Abandonment

This is likely to be another rough week for embattled Canadian Environment Minister Rona Ambrose, who must explain to a summit on global warming why Ottawa has effectively abandoned the Kyoto protocol on climate change. >> Read the Full Article

Snows of Kilimanjaro Shrink: God or Global Warming?

At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, an elderly Maasai village chief squints up at the summit and says only God can explain the shrinking snowcap and worsening droughts. >> Read the Full Article

War, Pollution and Politics Endangering Iraq's Storied Tigris River

For 6,000 years, the river that flows through the heart of Baghdad nurtured the people who live along its banks -- providing water, food, transport and recreation. But three years of war, plus pollution and politics, have transformed the storied Tigris into a stagnant sewer. >> Read the Full Article

El Nino May Spell Trouble for Indonesian Orangutans

Indonesia's orangutan population, under threat from smog-producing forest fires this year, could be in graver danger in 2007 when dry El Nino conditions are expected to intensify in the region, an ecologist said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Eyes Climate Change Plan for Africa

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan will announce a two-year plan to help Africa respond to global warming when he speaks to an international climate change conference in Nairobi on Wednesday, a U.N. source told Reuters. >> Read the Full Article

Thai Zoo to Teach Panda to Mate with 'Porn' Videos

A Thai zoo, which has hosted a couple of pandas for four years, will play "porn" videos for the male next month to encourage them to breed in captivity, the project manager said on Saturday. >> Read the Full Article