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Farallon Islands Form Teeming Wildlife Haven West of San Francisco

Less than 30 miles from San Francisco, an archipelago of rocky islands rises out of the Pacific Ocean, forming a largely undisturbed wildlife haven that biologists call California's Galapagos. >> Read the Full Article

Quality Angling Tied to Conservation -- An ENN Commentary

Over 40 million Americans call themselves anglers. Their hopes and passions for the outdoors power an enormous economic engine, spending over $41 billion a year. >> Read the Full Article

Jordan, Israel, Palestinians Agree on Action to Save Shrinking Dead Sea

Jordan, Israel and the Palestinians agreed Sunday to go ahead with a three-year feasibility study to save the Dead Sea, whose constant evaporation will lead to its complete disappearance in five decades, experts say. >> Read the Full Article

Groundbreaking Wave Power Electricity Project to Be Built off Portugal

A pioneering commercial wave power plant, producing clean and renewable energy, is to go on line off Portugal in 2006, after a contract was signed last week, project partners have announced. >> Read the Full Article

Advisory Group Recommends Five-Year Ban on Harvesting Black Coral

A scientific advisory group has recommended a five-year ban on harvesting black coral in the waters around Hawaii because younger populations of the popular jewelry source are declining. >> Read the Full Article

System Unveiled that Changes Hog Waste into Clean Water

Don Lloyd stepped up a ladder and dipped his empty bottle into a tank of water that six hours earlier had been flushed out of three nearby pens filled with thousands of hogs. "There, that's pig water," Lloyd proclaimed as he held up the bottle and tipped it back for a thirst-quenching chug. >> Read the Full Article

India to Count its Vanishing Vultures

India will launch a census of its vultures, a group of ornithologists said on Sunday, as the birds are vanishing rapidly due to a mystery virus and shrinking nesting sites. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Lose Appeal against Scripps

An appellate court Wednesday rejected an appeal by environmentalists who oppose The Scripps Research Institute's Florida expansion on northern Palm Beach County property. >> Read the Full Article

Business Group Supports LNG

A New England business-trade organization announced yesterday that it supports the development of new LNG facilities in the region to help stabilize the rising costs of energy. >> Read the Full Article

American Water's Environmental Grant Program Funds Three Pennsylvania

American Water announced the names of three Pennsylvania organizations selected to receive funding from its new Environmental Grant Program, which is being piloted in Pennsylvania. >> Read the Full Article