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Environmental Officials Defend Rules on Construction

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation officials said Monday concerns about businesses wielding improper influence in the agency are unfounded. >> Read the Full Article

Victoria, Texas, Considers Getting into Methane Gas Mining Business

The city of Victoria is looking into the possibility of mining methane gas from the landfill near Bloomington and selling it, which could net a profit for taxpayers and help protect the atmosphere. >> Read the Full Article

Pesticide Tax, Farmer Education Could Lessen Pollution from Runoff, Report Says

An environmental group has proposed a tax hike on pesticides that would fund classes for California farmers on how to reduce the amount of toxic runoff in the state's water supply. >> Read the Full Article

Kenya Seizes Smuggled Baby Chimps Crammed into Cage

Kenya made its biggest seizure of primates in the battle to stop trade in endangered wildlife with the discovery of six baby chimpanzees crammed into a crate at an airport, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Tired of Lions? Try a Frogging Safari

They are voracious predators that make scores of kills each night, many are brilliantly colored and few creatures can match them for raw agility and prowess. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Plans to Buy Kyoto Green Credits Abroad

After insisting it would not buy "hot air" from Russia and other countries, the Canadian government said Tuesday it would have go abroad to buy green credits in order to meet its emissions targets under the Kyoto accord. >> Read the Full Article

Ranchers Blame Government for Prairie Dog Damage

Jerry Heinrichs says that because of the long-running drought across the West, his cattle had to compete with prairie dogs for the grass. And the prairie dogs won. >> Read the Full Article

An Interview with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai

If the leaders of the U.S. environmental movement need a shot of adrenaline, they would do well to sit down with Wangari Maathai, winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize. Today in Grist, Wangari Maathai chats about her work, her prize, and her plans for the future -- in Main Dish. >> Read the Full Article

Thousands Gather for Funeral of American Nun as Battle over Amazon Intensifies

An elderly American nun killed in the struggle to protect the Amazon rain forest from loggers and ranchers was buried in her adopted homeland after a funeral attended by thousands who remembered her courage and dedication. >> Read the Full Article

Dangers of Mercury Pollution Overstated, House Republicans Say in Report

Dangers of toxic mercury pollution in the environment have been overstated, the House Resources Committee says in a report issued in anticipation of new regulatory proposals from the Bush administration. >> Read the Full Article