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Chemist Tries to Solve World's Energy Woes

A U.S. chemist is trying to determine how the world will produce enough energy to supply 9 billion people by mid-century -- and whether that can be done without pumping off-the-charts amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Court Rejects Effort to Block Rules on Mercury Pollution

An effort by environmental groups to block the President George W. Bush's administration from implementing its new regulations on mercury pollution power plants was rejected by a federal appeals court. >> Read the Full Article

Green Sea Turtle Makes Rare Va. Delivery

A green sea turtle dug out a nest in the sands of this resort beach and left 124 eggs -- the first documented case of the protected turtle laying its eggs in Virginia. >> Read the Full Article

Canada, U.S. Agree Ways to Drain North Dakota Lake

Canada and the United States announced a deal on Saturday that could end years of bickering over plans to drain a North Dakota lake into rivers that end up in Canada, and said there would be safeguards to prevent pollution and minimize risk from "nuisance species" of fish. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Study Arctic Climate Changes

A team of researchers will spend the next several weeks studying the icy Arctic Ocean to document historic climate changes. The expedition is using new technology to see whether variations in the Arctic's climate are within normal range of those that took place in Earth's recent past during the Holocene era, some 10,000 years since the last ice age. >> Read the Full Article

Bird-Filled Emirates Wetlands Diminishing

The Khor al-Beidah lagoon is a pristine tidal flat teeming with wildlife, including endangered birds, sea turtles and manatee-like dugong that swim among its tangles of mangroves. But a bevy of dredges and construction gangs are about to begin transforming a 1,500-acre parcel into a $3.3 billion luxury conglomeration of homes, shops, marinas and beach resorts aimed at foreign buyers and tourists. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists See Hope in Exxon CEO Change

Environmental groups expressed guarded optimism Thursday that the management succession at Exxon Mobil Corp. may lead the oil company to taking a proactive role in protecting the planet. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Makes Drilling Compensation Voluntary

With drilling rigs sprouting across the Rockies, federal land managers have quietly made it voluntary for companies to compensate for oil and gas development by improving the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Interface's Renewable Energy Purchases Fund Wind Farms And Solar Energy

For 10 years, Interface, Inc. and its subsidiaries have been engaged in initiatives designed to lighten their company’s environmental footprint, including investments in renewable energy certificates (RECs) that support high quality projects such as the development of renewable energy resources in the Northwest and Plains states. >> Read the Full Article

The Next Generation Of Conservation Scientists: The Canon National Parks Science Scholars Program

Across the Americas, select graduate students are conducting cutting-edge research in national parks as Canon Scholars. >> Read the Full Article