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Arabian Oryx Released to Wild after 40 Years of Extinction in UAE Dessert

Nearly 100 Arabian oryxes have been released into the desert of the United Arab Emirates in an attempt to reintroduce the creature to its natural habitat after 40 years of extinction in the Persian Gulf country. >> Read the Full Article

Energy Companies Rethink Palm Oil as Biofuel

Once, palm oil was seen as an ideal biofuel, a cheap alternative to petroleum that would fight global warming. But second thoughts are wracking the power industry. Can the fruit of the palm tree help save the planet -- or contribute to its destruction? >> Read the Full Article

U.S. House of Representatives OKs Bill To Cut Ship Pollution

The House approved legislation late Monday to cut polluting emissions spewed by ships powered by diesel fuel. Under the House bill, the U.S. Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency would be given the authority to develop and enforce emission limits on the thousands of domestic and foreign-flagged vessels that enter U.S. waters each year. >> Read the Full Article

New, Previously Unknown Climate Zones Seen by 2100

Global warming could re-make the world's climate zones by 2100, with some polar and mountain climates disappearing altogether and formerly unknown ones emerging in the tropics, scientists said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Australia's Biggest City Plans To Shut off Lights in Global Warming Gesture

Thousands of residents and hundreds of businesses and officials in Australia's biggest city have pledged to switch off the lights and darken Sydney for an hour this week to show concern over global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Monsanto Asks Court To Allow Sale of GMO Alfalfa

Monsanto Co. has asked a San Francisco federal court to allow it to continue selling its genetically modified Roundup Ready Alfalfa while the USDA conducts a court-ordered environmental impact study. >> Read the Full Article

Chinese Hunger for Reef Fish Emptying Asian Seas

Turquoise fish with red dots stare at hungry tourists from a tank at a restaurant in Hong Kong, the capital of the world's live reef fish industry, a lucrative trade devastating reefs across the Pacific Ocean. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Makes Ice a Hot Topic at U.S. Lab

Global warming has made ice a hot topic, and one sizzling center of inquiry is in a warehouse-like complex in New England, where melting polar shores and shrinking glaciers are issues of urgent study. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Shuts Down U.S. Company's Port on Amazon River, Demands Environmental Assessment

Authorities shut down an important deep-water Amazon River port owned by Cargill Inc. on Saturday, saying the huge U.S. agribusiness firm failed to provide an environmental impact statement required by law. >> Read the Full Article

New Trust Seeks Damages for Massachusetts Trees Killed by Gas Leaks

Bob Ackley says minor natural gas leaks that are no threat to people can still cause harm: They kill public shade trees by choking off the oxygen at its roots. Ackley, who has spent 25 years testing natural gas lines for leaks, says it's happening to thousands of trees around the state, and gas companies are slow to fix it. >> Read the Full Article