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Save the Environment, Use Your Computer

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Save the environment, use your computer. Here's how: the EPA estimates you can save up to $75 per year by activating the power management functions on your desktop computer. offers tips to consumers to help them save both energy and money by reducing the power consumption of their computer. Desktop or laptop, you can save energy by:

1. Turning your computer off completely when you know you will not be using it for more than several hours, such as overnight.

2. You can still save energy when your computer is not shut down completely by setting the power management functions on your computer to put both your monitor and computer (CPU, hard drive, etc.) into “sleep” mode after a certain amount of time of non-use, which saves energy when you are not actively using your computer.  Set your monitor to go into standby mode first, followed by your computer. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly Oct. 15th -19th

This Week at ENN. Leading Financial Instittutions Project the Green Market to hit $1 Trillion by 2030, A Q&A with E-Magazine's Readers, Coral Reefs, Hyrbid Cars and More,  Brazil Joins Hands with Non-governmental Groups to Stop Amazonian Deforestation by 2015, U.S. Gets Bad "Report Card" on Arctic Warming, India to Face Chronic Deseases with Growing Consumption, and Much More. >> Read the Full Article

Senators offer stand-alone ethanol fuel bill

Citing delays in reconciling energy legislation passed by both chambers of Congress earlier this year, two Democratic senators on Thursday unveiled a stand-alone bill to require 18 billion gallons of renewable fuels to be blended with U.S. gasoline supply by 2016.


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Texas coastal wind farms advance despite critics

Two companies developing more than 600 megawatts of wind generation along the Texas coastline aren't daunted by threats of hurricane damage or opposition from environmentalists and powerful ranching interests, executives said Thursday.PPM Energy, a U.S subsidiary of Iberdrola's Scottish Power unit, and Babcock & Brown are developing two wind farms in Kenedy County, a thinly populated county south of Corpus Christi. Both companies expect to produce power by the end of 2008. >> Read the Full Article

Moon's blue light a coral aphrodisiac, say scientists

Ancient light-sensitive genes may be the trigger for the annual mass spawning of corals shortly after a full moon on the Great Barrier Reef, according to a study by Australian and Israeli scientists.The cryptochromes genes occur in corals, insects, fish and mammals -- including humans -- and are primitive light-sensing pigment mechanisms which predate the evolution of eyes. >> Read the Full Article

Solar power edges towards boom time

Solar power could be the world's number one electricity source by the end of the century, but until now its role has been negligible as producers wait for price parity with fossil fuels, industry leaders say.

Once the choice only of idealists who put the environment before economics, production of solar panels will double both next year and in 2009, according to U.S. investment bank Jefferies Group Inc, driven by government support especially in Germany and Japan.

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Quarter of China's carbon emissions due to exports

One quarter of China's booming emissions of climate warming gases are from its export trade to Europe and the United States, a report said on Friday, calling for a new way of calculating national carbon emissions.

The report for the widely-respected government-funded Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research by Tao Wang and Jim Watson said the current method of assessing national emissions was unfair to rapidly developing countries.

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EU Commission delays emissions trading proposals

The European Commission will postpone to January proposals on emissions trading and on renewable energy, a spokesman for the EU executive said on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

New strain of strep emerges as major U.S. infection

A new strain of bacteria is emerging as a major cause of childhood infections but even drug-resistant versions of the bug can be killed off with the right antibiotics, doctors said on Thursday. Doctors and parents should be aware of it, however, and switch antibiotics for children with severe infections who do not respond quickly to standard therapy. >> Read the Full Article

Dog DNA study reveals new role for protein

A family of proteins known to fight off microbes surprisingly also helps determine whether a poodle's coat will be black, white or somewhere in between, U.S. researchers said on Thursday in a finding that may also help explain why people come in different colors and weights.Researchers at Stanford University in California studied the DNA of hundreds of dogs, looking for a gene mutation that controls coat color. >> Read the Full Article