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Toyota-GM Talks on Fuel Cell Venture Stalled

Talks between Toyota Motor Corp. and General Motors Corp. on a joint venture to develop fuel cell cars have stalled as the rivals are nervous about sharing state-of-the-art technologies, informed sources said Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

Feds Subpoena Home Depot Records in Hazardous Waste Probe

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles have issued a grand jury subpoena to The Home Depot Inc. seeking documents and information relating to the company's handling, storage and disposal of hazardous waste. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Urban Age Magazine

Urban Age magazine started 15 years ago to report on, among other things, the environmental breakthroughs happening in cities around the world. >> Read the Full Article

4th Annual Illinois Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair to Be Held in August

The fourth annual Illinois Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair is August 13 & 14 at the Ogle County Fairgrounds near Oregon, Illinois. >> Read the Full Article

Jellyfish Gone With the Wind in California

They came, they stung, they left. Tens of thousands of purplish-black jellyfish that invaded Orange County beaches for the past week mostly disappeared by Thursday along with a red tide of microscopic plankton on which they may have been feeding. >> Read the Full Article

New Super Magnet Weighs More than 15 Tons

This definitely ain't no refrigerator magnet. The new super magnet at The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory weighs more than 15 tons and has a magnetic field 420,000 times that of the Earth's -- strong enough to pull a metal object out of a person's hand and send it flying -- if people were allowed to get close enough. >> Read the Full Article

Bird Swarms Invade Farmlands in Nigeria

Large swarms of birds have invaded parts of northern Nigeria, destroying grain farms and threatening harvests in a region bordering famine-stricken Niger, officials and farmers have said. >> Read the Full Article

Fish Study Shows Decline in Tuna, 'Game' Fish

Tuna, swordfish and other species favored by fishing fleets gather in "hotspots" across the world's oceans -- but these are in serious decline, according to a survey published Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Growing Call among Californians to Sack Plastic Grocery Bags

In Los Angeles, in San Francisco, and in Sacramento, one of the most commonplace innovations to come along for consumers -- the plastic grocery bag -- is under attack. What would our world be like without these wisps of handiness? How would we get our groceries home? Or our homegrown tomatoes into the office? Or dog droppings off a stranger's lawn? >> Read the Full Article

As EPA Deadline Looms, Farmers Struggle with Air Monitoring Program

Hog farmer Bill Kessler hopes a voluntary federal program for monitoring livestock emissions will keep his 500-sow operation out of court for a few years. For $200, Kessler has essentially bought four years of amnesty from air-pollution penalties while the federal Environmental Protection Agency determines appropriate air quality standards for farm operations. >> Read the Full Article