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Cargo Plane, Helicopters Drop Hay to Hungry, Snowbound Cattle

Ranchers, pilots and snowmobilers on Wednesday searched for thousands of cattle trapped by heavy snow and high drifts in southeastern Colorado, while hundreds of cows were reported dead in Kansas. >> Read the Full Article

Rare Nepal Rhinos Mysteriously Disappear

Dozens of endangered Great One-horned rhinoceros have mysteriously gone missing from a nature reserve in southwest Nepal over the past few years, a wildlife official said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Report Says ExxonMobil Cultivates Global Warming Doubt

Energy giant ExxonMobil borrowed tactics from the tobacco industry to raise doubt about climate change, spending $16 million on groups that question global warming, a science watchdog group said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

India's PM Says West is Environmentally Wasteful

Slamming the West for its "environmentally wasteful lifestyle", Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called on Wednesday for industrialised nations to look at alterative energy sources to save the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Thirty Pandas Born in China in 2006

A mini-baby boom last year has pushed up the number of pandas bred in captivity in China to 217, state media said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Say 2007 May Be Warmest Yet

A resurgent El Nino and persistently high levels of greenhouse gases are likely to make 2007 the world's hottest year ever recorded, British climate scientists said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Yesterday's High Technology Makes Mountain of E-Waste

Christmas is getting kicked to the curb and with it piles of once-new tech gadgets full of heavy metals that cause cancer, poison blood and cause a host of other maladies. >> Read the Full Article

Oryx Species to Help Revive Dying Breed

A pair of scimitar-horned oryxes from the Kansas City Zoo are among six from North America and four from Europe that are being reintroduced in Tunisia, the animals' native scrubland where they have been wiped out. >> Read the Full Article

China Report Warns of Agriculture Problems from Climate Change

Climate change will harm China's ecology and economy in the coming decades, possibly causing large drops in agricultural output, said a government report made public Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Edward James Olmos Accuses Puerto Rico, Washington of Delaying Vieques Bombing Range Cleanup

Edward James Olmos criticized the United States and Puerto Rico on Tuesday for not moving faster to clean up the site of a former bombing range on Vieques Island. >> Read the Full Article