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Amazon Land Grab Fuels Brazil Progress, Violence

Brazilians call it "grilagem," the grabbing of land by fraud and violence. In the Amazon jungles of huge, wild Para state, it is carried out by an informal alliance of "grileiros," loggers, ranchers and businessmen backed by private militias and gunmen. >> Read the Full Article

Bays Spared Freshwater Waste, UMass Study Finds

Not too long ago, scientists believed that septic pollution and other similar waste in freshwater streams and rivers also posed a threat to the many saltwater bays on the coast. >> Read the Full Article

Tree Sacrifice in Durham Pains Builder

Mark Heizer recalls one Saturday in November when he set out to destroy 11 trees on his property at the behest of the city Public Works Department. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Science Keeps on Ticking -- An ENN Commentary

If you didn't know what the Kyoto Protocol was all about a few weeks ago, you'd be hard pressed not to know now. The international agreement to reduce the heat trapping emissions that are causing global warming has been all over the news since it came into force last week. >> Read the Full Article

South African-Led Consortium Plans Congo River Project to Nearly Double Africa's Electricity Output

A South African-led consortium plans a Congo River project it says would nearly double the continent's current output without harming the environment, a senior South African business executive said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Disaster-Cleanup Firms in Orange County Scrambling to Keep Up With Calls

The first sign of trouble was when the kitchen curtains toppled from the wall. Then the window and ceiling sprouted leaks, drip, drip, dripping all over Marsha Talbot's kitchen. >> Read the Full Article

Emmpak Foods Reaches Pollution Settlement

Emmpak Foods Inc. has installed equipment to prevent grease, oil and animal parts from clogging local sewers and has agreed to donate $30,000 to two community groups as part of a settlement of a federal lawsuit brought by two environmental groups. >> Read the Full Article

Woman Absorbs Cost of Big Sprinkler Leak; City Lowers Bill to $2,000

The bad news about Eileen Davis' sprinkler system hit her like a spray of cold water in the face. >> Read the Full Article

PPL to Spend Over Half-Billion Dollars to Clean 3 Power Plants

Environmental legislation passed a decade and half ago and the threat of stricter rules to come are prompting PPL Corp. to spend more than a half-billion dollars to clean up three coal-fired power plants. >> Read the Full Article

Warm Weather Melting Skiers' Season

According to Anthony Gigi, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, N.J., the cold Arctic air that blanketed the region last year is in short supply this year, offering short-term blasts but nothing like last winter, when the temperature remained at or below freezing nearly the entire season. >> Read the Full Article