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Chinese Farmers' Dispute with Factory Shows Rural Anger, Loss of Faith in Government

Farmers had long feared the runoff from the pharmaceutical factory. It turned irrigation water to a greasy, red sludge and stunted vegetable crops. They blamed it for a local rise in cancer and birth defects. >> Read the Full Article

Laotians Thatch Roof to Buffer Conference Venue from Earsplitting Rain

Planners in impoverished Laos needed a fix for the cacophony of rain pelting the metal roof of their conference venue. So they thatched it with local grass. Organizers spent 60 million kip (US$6,000; euro4,941.12) on the long indigenous grass, applying an additional layer Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Poaching Becoming Rampant on Federal Land

Barbara Beasley was the first person called to investigate when three suspicious men were stopped on federal land in remote northwest Nebraska. It didn't take the U.S. Forest Service official long to find what they had been doing: digging an 18-by-10-foot hole more than 2 feet deep that left the fossilized bones of a prehistoric rhinoceros called a brontothere exposed. >> Read the Full Article

Geologist Maps Underseas Terrain in Massachusetts

When geologist Page Valentine steams out for a trip off the state's picturesque coastline, he's far more interested in what he can't see. Valentine has been using sophisticated sonar to map 1,400 square miles of ocean floor off the Massachusetts coast for 11 years. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Say Many More Right Whales May Be Dying than Previously Thought

More than eight in 10 right whale deaths may be going undiscovered, according to marine scientists who called for emergency action to help prevent humans from accidentally killing the rare animal. >> Read the Full Article

Los Angeles Ports Extend Hours to Reduce Pollution, Ease Congestion

The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach began operating on weekends and evenings Saturday in a new initiative designed to ease Southern California's worst-in-the-nation traffic congestion and smog. >> Read the Full Article

Turf War Hits U.S. Aid for Tiger Conservation

After generating heat across the country, tiger conservation has kicked off a turf war. The environment and forest ministry has given an outright thumbs down to a proposal for Indo-US cooperation for Bengal tiger conservation which would commit the US to funnel huge sums to the cause in return of a say in the project. >> Read the Full Article

Lawmakers Abandon MTBE Liability Shield to Help Clear Way for Passing Energy Bill

House and Senate conferees abandoned giving makers of the gasoline additive MTBE liability protection against environmental lawsuits on Sunday, removing the major roadblock to enactment of broad energy legislation. >> Read the Full Article

In China's Dash to Develop, Environment Suffers Severely

China's environmental woes are so large that they've begun to generate social instability. Choking on vile air, sickened by toxic water, citizens in some corners of this vast nation are rising up to protest the high environmental cost of China's economic boom. >> Read the Full Article

Furnishings Soon to Get the Stamp of Eco-Approval

Is your sofa eco-friendly? Does the fabric off-gas toxins? Did the wood come from a sustainable forest? Was it designed to be disassembled at the end of its useful life, with the various parts going to make something new? If William McDonough has it his way, the knowing will be lots easier -- paving the way for consumers to make more informed eco-choices. >> Read the Full Article