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Religion Can Be Powerful Tool for Protecting Ecology, Environmentalists Say

Religion can be used to mobilize people to protect the environment because spirituality is closely linked to nature, members of a panel on faith-based conservation said last week. >> Read the Full Article

North Dakota Experimental Forest a Surprise Success

A small forest that took root as an experiment some 70 years ago remains a largely overlooked oddity in a state known as the least-forested in the nation. But it has helped grow jobs and sprout millions of seedlings far beyond North Dakota. >> Read the Full Article

Umbra on Whether to Buy Your Sparkling Water at Wal-Mart

With the busiest shopping day of the year coming this Friday, Grist thinks it knows what's on your mind: globalization, the race to the bottom, sprawl, and low, low prices! OK, maybe not. But that's what's on Umbra's mind. A reader writes in asking what's wrong with a certain store that begins with "Wal" and ends in "Mart," and Umbra tells it like it is. (Hint: plenty.) Get the skinny on where not to buy your holiday gifts -- today on the Grist Magazine website. >> Read the Full Article

Mitsubishi Companies Raided for Allegedly Concealing Toxic Contamination at Housing Site

Police raided the head offices of three Mitsubishi group companies on Monday on suspicion that they concealed toxic contamination at the site of a housing complex in western Japan to sell new condos. >> Read the Full Article

Now, Lexus Hybrid Due Out in April, Toyota Says

The gas/electric Lexus RX400h sport-utility vehicle will go on sale April 15 as a 2006 model, about four months later than planned. >> Read the Full Article

Congress OKs Funding for University of North Dakota Fuel-Cell Research Center

UND is one step closer to housing a $3 million hydrogen fuel cell research center. >> Read the Full Article

CEO of Columbia, Md.-based Chemical Company Resigns

Paul Norris, who presided over W.R. Grace & Co.'s move from Florida to Maryland and steered it into bankruptcy protection in the face of thousands of asbestos injury lawsuits, will step down as chief executive of the Columbia-based maker of chemicals and building materials in May, the company announced yesterday. >> Read the Full Article

North Carolina Set to Sue Over Coal Plants

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper said Friday that he intends to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to force it to require reduced emissions from coal-fired power plants in 13 states that he says pollute North Carolina's air >> Read the Full Article

North Carolina Dredging Company Accused of Dumping Waste in Chesapeake Bay

A federal grand jury has indicted a North Carolina marine company and its president for allegedly dumping tons of sandy wastes into the Chesapeake Bay near Tangier Island, instead of pumping the materials onto an eroding beach to restore it. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Seek Best Way to Clean Up the Toxic Passaic River in New Jersey

As Bob Chant squeezed through the gap in the chain-link fence, it was clear how little respect the Passaic River has gotten. >> Read the Full Article