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Timber Industry Expects No Change in Northern Spotted Owl Status on Endangered List

The timber industry group that sued to have the threatened species status of the northern spotted owl reviewed does not expect the bird to be dropped from federal protection, but hopes new information will allow more logging in national forests. >> Read the Full Article

North Carolina Attorney General Plans Lawsuit over TVA Power Plant Pollution

North Carolina's attorney general said Monday he will take the Tennessee Valley Authority to court unless it reduces pollutants that waft into the state from the public utility's coal-fired power plants. >> Read the Full Article

Democrats, Greens Aim to Overturn Bush Forest Plan

Democrats and environmental groups Monday expressed hope that changes in the Bush administration Cabinet could moderate a White House plan to open some 60 million acres of federal forests to logging. >> Read the Full Article

Nature Conservation Body to Launch International Talks in Thailand

An environmental group will release a new list of endangered species this week at the largest-ever nature conservation meeting in Asia, organizers said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Julie Sze, Enviro-Justice Advocate and Professor, Answers Grist's Questions

Julie Sze, professor in American Studies at U.C.-Davis, is a born-and-bred New Yorker, despite her current residence in Sacramento -- she's at work on a book about the history of the environmental-justice movement in New York City. >> Read the Full Article

Top Researchers Ask Web Users to Join Science Grid

IBM and top scientific research organisations are joining forces in a humanitarian effort to tap the unused power of millions of computers and help solve complex social problems. >> Read the Full Article

Conservative Legal Group Challenges Endangered Species Protection

A conservative legal group is threatening to sue the federal government over its plans to protect four dozen endangered species ranging from Peninsular bighorn sheep to the tiny robust spineflower. >> Read the Full Article

Chemicals Linger in Environment, Study Says

The chemicals go down the drain, but in the environment they remain. Researchers have found that a complex brew of everyday compounds -- from products as ubiquitous as shampoo, bug spray and even that morning cup of coffee -- lingers in Minnesota waters even after they're showered off or dumped down the sink. >> Read the Full Article

North Carolina Sues Tennessee Valley Authority Over Power Plant Emissions

North Carolina's attorney general announced plans Monday to sue the Tennessee Valley Authority to try to limit emissions from coal-fired power plants in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. >> Read the Full Article

Montgomery, N.Y., Recycling Facility Plans Garbage-to-Energy Plant

Hoping to cash in on soaring natural gas prices, Taylor Recycling Facility plans to create a first-of-its-kind garbage-to-energy plant that it says would help the environment, create inexpensive gas and give the company a financial windfall. >> Read the Full Article