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Early Alaska Wildfire Sparks Fears of Tough Season

Alaska's wildfire season got off to an early start this year with more than 4,800 acres of spruce forest ablaze Tuesday, and authorities warned low water levels and high temperatures could mean a tough fire season ahead for the western United States. >> Read the Full Article

Consumer Reports Launches Website for the Green Consumer

Consumer Reports, the Yonkers, New York-based consumer-product testing and rating organization, has started a new website geared toward the "green" consumer. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Shrimpers Blame U.S. Government for Industry's Decline

For people like Robert L. Perkins III, the U.S. government is to blame for the demise of the shrimping industry. "The same thing that happened to our textile industry is happening (to shrimping)," in the Brownsville/Port Isabel area, he said. "I wonder who is next." >> Read the Full Article

Developers Eye Land along Florida Everglades to Relieve Housing Shortage

To fish hatchery owner Paul Radice, the farmlands sandwiched between bustling Miami and the vast Everglades are ideal for his business. >> Read the Full Article

Hiking the Far Side of Puerto Rico's Caribbean National Forest

The steep rock face is slippery and our eyes sting from the sweat dripping down our foreheads, but our guide cajoles us as he points upward toward what he calls utopia. >> Read the Full Article

Elephant's Death to Renew U.S. Outcry over Zoos

The death of the last of three elephants once housed at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo has sparked renewed protest about how the animals are treated in captivity. >> Read the Full Article

Harvest from the Ashes

Twenty-five years ago, the Weyerhaeuser Co. wanted to keep cutting trees on the flanks of rumbling, spitting Mount St. Helens. But to play it safe, the company moved loggers 15 miles from the mountain -- and thought that would be far enough. >> Read the Full Article

New Jersey Beach, Wildlife Refuges Share Settlement from Company in Panama

A beach and two wildlife refuges in New Jersey will be the beneficiaries of $2 million that was part of a settlement of pollution charges, the top federal prosecutor in New Jersey announced Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Wild Pigs Killed to Save Santa Cruz Fox

Norm Macdonald rises each morning with the sun, grabs his .223-caliber rifle and slips into the passenger seat of a tiny, doorless helicopter for another day of shooting pigs. >> Read the Full Article

Albatross Migration Attracts Celebrities, Punters

With electronic jockeys on board and carrying the hopes of celebrity owners and punters from around the world, 17 unlikely athletes have taken off in an endurance race deemed by some as the toughest in the world. >> Read the Full Article