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White House Says Bush Will Veto Changes to Mercury Emissions Rule

The Bush administration clashed with senators Monday over new rules limiting mercury emissions from power plants, with the White House threatening a presidential veto of Senate legislation that would overturn those rules. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Special Report: Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle

This month, ENN has delved into the multitude of sites on the web dedicated to environmentally sound lifestyles and products to come up with this special report, which offers readers a collection of our favorites. You'll find helpful articles, products, online stores, advice, and much more in this treasure trove of links. >> Read the Full Article

Disney Opens New Park as Smog Casts Pall over Hong Kong

Walt Disney Co. officially opened its new Hong Kong theme park on Monday, exporting a piece of the Magic Kingdom to China's doorstep in a bold bid to gain a bigger foothold in the vast Chinese market. >> Read the Full Article

Rural Montana Prepares for Major Bio Defense Lab

Montana's Bitterroot Valley, surrounded by mountains, has long offered a respite from the modern world, an area of small-town values with rivers beloved by fishermen and a thriving log cabin business. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Approves Viscon Additive for Texas Low Emission Diesel

GTAT California this week announced the approval of its fuel additive Viscon by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to aid in achieving that state's new emissions mandates. >> Read the Full Article

Brown Gets Greener: New Technologies Save Over 30,000 Gallons of Fuel and Reduce Emissions by 288 Metric Tons

UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, today announced it has completed the installation of technology that will significantly reduce the number of miles driven by its familiar brown package cars on Sacramento roads, subsequently reducing fuel consumption and emissions. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: History of Cities

What is the relationship cities have to their natural world? Jerry Kay spoke with Joel Kotkin, the author of The City: A Global History >> Read the Full Article

Tons of Dead Fish Scooped from Lagoon in Rio

Cleanup crews on Friday scooped tons of dead fish from the surface of Marapendi lagoon, stagnant and polluted by sewage from high-rise apartment buildings on Rio's fashionable southwest side. >> Read the Full Article

Katrina Fuels Global Warming Storm

Hurricane Katrina has spurred debate about global warming worldwide with some environmentalists sniping at President George W. Bush for pulling out of the main U.N. plan for braking climate change. >> Read the Full Article

Bats May Have Been Source of SARS, Study Finds

Bats found in Hong Kong carry a virus very similar to the severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS virus and might be able to spread it, Chinese researchers reported Friday. >> Read the Full Article