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Global Warming Worries to Boost Renewables

Three decades after former U.S. President Jimmy Carter experimented with solar panels on the White House roof, grim U.N. warnings about climate change may kick-start wider global use of renewable energy. >> Read the Full Article

Lack of Water in Yangtze Creates Shortage for One Million People

Falling water levels in China's Yangtze River have left 1 million people short of drinking water, state media reported Monday. A severe drought has caused the water level in China's longest river to plunge over the last two weeks, severely cutting water-pumping capacity, Xinhua News Agency said. >> Read the Full Article

Northern Italian Cities Ban Cars from Center

Many cities in northern Italy banned traffic for several hours Sunday in a one-day bid to fight pollution. The length of the bans varied from region to region, but most ranged from six to 12 hours. >> Read the Full Article

Slow Down and Watch Out for Whales, Spain Tells Ships in Strait of Gibraltar

Spain wants ships to slow down and watch out for whales while passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the world's busiest maritime routes. The recommendation drew praise Saturday from environmentalists who sought the measure for years to prevent collisions with whales. >> Read the Full Article

Some Celebrities Who Made Green Issues Cool

Whether it's forsaking a gas guzzling limo in favor of driving a hybrid car to the Oscars, or fitting their homes with solar panels, many celebrities embraced green causes long before they became fashionable. >> Read the Full Article

Exotic Animals Seen Where Antarctic Ice Used to Be

Spindly orange sea stars, fan-finned ice fish and herds of roving sea cucumbers are among the exotic creatures spied off the Antarctic coast in an area formerly covered by ice, scientists reported Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Dung Power at U.S. Ethanol Plant

The frosty-breathed cattle jostling for position at a feeding trough in rural Nebraska are not quite as typical as they appear: their manure is being captured in a new bid to quench America's thirst for ethanol. >> Read the Full Article

Fight Brews Over How to Address Climate Change

Now that it is official -- humans are almost certainly causing the most dramatic climate shift the planet has seen in thousands of years -- it is time to stop arguing and get down to the serious work of solving the problem, right? >> Read the Full Article

U.S. States with Renewable Power Standards

Twenty-three of the 50 U.S. states have established "renewable portfolio standards" that, depending on the state, are either guidelines or rules regarding the share of renewable power generation of electricity delivered to customers. >> Read the Full Article

New Zealand Demands Japan Prioritize Move of Stricken Whaler from Antarctic Coast

New Zealand demanded Friday that Japan explain why its oil-laden whaling ship has not yet been moved away from the pristine Antarctic coast eight days after being crippled by fire. >> Read the Full Article