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Study Shows Wyoming Gas Projects Harming Mule Deer

A new study suggests natural gas development in western Wyoming is forcing mule deer into less suitable winter range and affecting the animals' movements in an area known as the Pinedale Anticline. >> Read the Full Article

European Polar Satellite Crashes Into Sea

A satellite designed to measure how fast the polar ice caps are melting crashed into the Arctic Ocean after its launch in northern Russia went wrong, the European Space Agency said on Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

Why Is Africa Unable To Feed Itself?

The green sugar cane fields of southern Malawi bear testimony to the fertile soil that blankets the sun-drenched land. But aid agencies say 5 million people there, or close to half the population, need food aid -- a shocking state of affairs in a country which should be a farmer's paradise. >> Read the Full Article

Court Rejects EPA Limits on Air Pollution Monitoring

A federal appeals court Friday rejected what it called a Bush administration attempt to "pull a surprise switcheroo" by weakening the government's authority to monitor air pollution from power plants, refineries and factories. >> Read the Full Article

Oyster Farmer Ponders Future as Endangered Species Tag Looms

Dave Relyea and a co-worker make sweeping laps up and down a patch of water in their workboat, dumping a half-million fingernail-sized oyster seedlings out of plastic buckets into about 30 feet of water. >> Read the Full Article

Limited Growth Ahead for Environmental & Waste Management Industry, Says Standard & Poor's

Rising costs, slower volume and increased competition have combined to slow growth among companies in the solid waste management, water supply and treatment, air pollution, and environmental remediation sectors, and prospects for growth remain limited into 2006, said Standard & Poor's in its semi-annual survey on the environmental services industry, published today. >> Read the Full Article

Goldman Sachs Adds Own Twist to Social and Environmental Assessment

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is showing signs of being memetic -- in other words, spreading like a cultural virus. >> Read the Full Article

Habitat Herbicide Approved for Use in California

Habitat herbicide, from BASF Professional Vegetation Management, has received approval from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for use in California. >> Read the Full Article

Solar-Powered Homes Exhibit on National Mall

The 2005 Solar Decathlon, sponsored by The U.S. Department of Energy, brings 18 universities together in a competition to design and build an energy efficient 800-square foot home. >> Read the Full Article

An Ill Wind Might Help the Shrimp Industry

When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas, many thought they were witnessing the “ill wind that blows nobody good.” Property damage will be in the billions and the toll in human suffering can never be measured. How could a silver lining be found in this dark summer of tragedy for anyone in the hurricane-struck areas, much less the shrimping industry? >> Read the Full Article