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Workers Evacuated at U.S. Nuclear Site after Leak

Some workers at the largest nuclear waste dump in the United States were evacuated Wednesday after a container filled with radioactive material was breached as it was being removed from storage, the U.S. Department of Energy said. >> Read the Full Article

Appeals Court Says Feds Must Increase Protection for Depleted Pacific Groundfish

An appeals court ruled Wednesday that the federal government must increase protections for the Pacific fish species commonly known as red snapper, whose population has been depleted by overfishing. >> Read the Full Article

Congressional Panel To Hear of Woes at National Parks

The Adams National Historical Park in Quincy is blessed with a treasure trove of historical artifacts, including a wet-pressed copy of the Declaration of Independence presented to John Adams in the 1820s, but many visitors don't get to see them. >> Read the Full Article

Iraqi Minister Says Rebuilding Water Infrastructure May Take up to Five Years

Iraq's water resources minister said Wednesday it could take up to five years to rebuild the country's water supply infrastructure, and that the lack of electricity and clean water has made sanitation "a desperate need" in rural areas. >> Read the Full Article

North Dakota Pelicans Probably Headed to Canada

Thousands of American white pelicans that abandoned the Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge in central North Dakota after their chicks mysteriously died appear to have headed across the border to Canada, in southern Manitoba. >> Read the Full Article

Nine U.S. States Break with Bush on Greenhouse Gases

Nine northeastern U.S. states are working on a plan to cap and then reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, the first U.S. deal of its kind and one which would see the region breaking with President Bush who refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol. >> Read the Full Article

Lawmakers Seek Meeting About Plum Island

The Department of Homeland Security is considering moving the aging Plum Island animal disease laboratory off eastern Long Island -- a possibility that prompted two lawmakers on Wednesday to request a meeting with DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff. >> Read the Full Article

Another Blow to the Pseudo-Science of Global Warming Skeptics -- A Guest Commentary

In a serious blow to the already discredited arguments made against climate change by global warming skeptics, a new analysis of satellite data confirms that the earth is warming at a rate consistent with that projected by climate models, and far faster than the skeptics previously acknowledged. >> Read the Full Article

Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: EnviroGLAS

In this installment, we bring you a company and a product that is currently featured on ENN Expo: EnviroSLAB from EnviroGLAS. EnviroGLAS makes a number of products using recycled glass that would otherwise make its way into a landfill. >> Read the Full Article

Indian State Bans Sale, Use of Plastic Bags

The government of the western Indian state of Maharashtra on Wednesday banned the manufacture, sale and use of all plastic bags, saying they choked drainage systems during recent monsoon rains. >> Read the Full Article