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Cruise Line Pays Large Fine, Restitution in Whale's Death

Princess Cruise Lines was sentenced for failing to operate one of its ships in a slow, safe manner near Glacier Bay National Park where a humpback whale was found dead of massive skull fractures. >> Read the Full Article

World Watches as Scientists Finish Long-Awaited Global Warming Report

The planet's temperature is rising, sea levels threaten to swallow coastlines and the world's residents want to know, more than ever, how worried to be. An authoritative answer comes this week. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Call for Monitoring of Cats, Dogs for H5N1

The discovery of Avian influenza in cats and dogs has heightened concerns about a virus that experts had thought was basically infecting chickens, ducks and other fowl. >> Read the Full Article

Brazilian Fashion Houses Eye Eco-Friendly Fabrics

New technology that makes clothing from the polyester fibers from recycled bottles and organic cotton grown without pesticides may prove that being environmentally conscious and staying hip can walk hand-in-hand. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Plans to Remove Gray Wolves from Endangered List

Once hunted to near extinction, gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region and the northern Rocky Mountains have rebounded so successfully they no longer need federal protection, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Report Alleges Widespread Political Interference in Climate Science

The Democratic chairman of a House panel examining the government's response to climate change said Tuesday there is evidence that senior Bush administration officials sought repeatedly "to mislead the public by injecting doubt into the science of global warming." >> Read the Full Article

PETA Ends Boycott of Pomegranate Juice Maker POM

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has ended its boycott of POM Wonderful after the pomegranate juice maker said last week it had stopped testing on animals. >> Read the Full Article

$25,000 Reward Offered for Japan Whalers' Location

An anti-whaling group patrolling the Ross Sea off Antarctica has offered a $25,000 reward to any person or group that can provide coordinates of the Japanese whaling fleet operating in the area. >> Read the Full Article

Mussels May Harm California Water Pipelines

Lake divers have found no more quagga mussels, but state officials say they will continue to hunt for the invasive, pipe-clogging mollusks they fear could wreak havoc with water lines supplying Southern California. >> Read the Full Article

Prince Charles Gets Environmental Award in Visit to New York

Prince Charles chatted with students about investing in stocks, accepted an environmental award from Al Gore and even played a little basketball on his visit to New York City. >> Read the Full Article