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Solar Power Profitability: BP Solar

For many years the benefits of solar power have been offset by the reality that solar power companies find it difficult to be profitable. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Tout Wolf Breeding Breakthrough

Two artificially inseminated Mexican gray wolves recently birthed a combined eight living pups at a research site founded by late naturalist Marlin Perkins, marking perhaps the first time the non-surgical technique has worked with endangered wolves. >> Read the Full Article

Tanzania Scrap Contract with Water Supply Firm in Dispute over Quality of Services

Tanzania is scrapping a contract with a British-German-Tanzanian firm to supply water and sewage services in the country's largest city because the company failed to fulfill key provisions of its 10-year contract, officials said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

House Calls for Temporary Storage of Nuclear Waste at Federal Sites

The House voted Tuesday to begin temporary storage of commercial nuclear waste at one or more federal facilities, fearing further delays in a proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada. >> Read the Full Article

Waste Not, Want Not as Villagers Pioneer Use of Biogas in Cambodia

Nget Loun's rickety old thatched house is typical of Cambodia's impoverished countryside, but it holds a surprise inside: a state of the art, environmental-friendly gas stove. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Says Seal Population Growing Despite Hunt

Canada's harp seal population is growing despite a seasonal hunt off the East Coast that has killed 975,000 young animals over the past three years, officials said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Save the River, St. Lawrence Seaway Developers Debate

Members of Save the River and officials from the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. transformed a village board meeting into a debate on commercial navigation. >> Read the Full Article

Miners, Environmentalists Stand at the Ready as Interest in Coal Reignites

With the comeback of Tennessee's coal industry comes renewed resistance. Environmental activists have geared up in opposition to mountaintop mining, which allows companies to slice off the tops of some of the oldest mountains on earth. >> Read the Full Article

Greenpeace Slams High-Tech Firms for 'E-Waste' in China

The international environmental group Greenpeace slammed American and Japanese electronics giants on Monday for making computers or phones with parts that harm the health of Chinese people who recycle them. >> Read the Full Article

On-Ramp to the Hydrogen Highway

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will advocate that California invest $54 million in public money to help build a network of up to 100 hydrogen fueling stations statewide within five years, according to new details of his "Hydrogen Highway" plan. >> Read the Full Article