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LA Has Californa's Worst Beach Water

A study released Tuesday found that once again Los Angeles County has the state's most polluted beaches, but this time a new city has been anointed as the county's biggest loser -- Long Beach. >> Read the Full Article

Australian Government Announces Funding for World's Largest Solar Power Plant

The Australian government announced Wednesday it will help build the largest solar power plant in the world as part of a new strategy to combat global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Warn About Coral Reef Deaths

Researchers warn that more than half of the world's coral reefs could die in less than 25 years, killed off by a deadly cocktail of rising sea temperatures, silt runoff from construction sites, algae and other toxic ingredients. >> Read the Full Article

Jewish Symbolic Wall Raises Environmental Concerns

Orthodox Jews who want to use a strand of fishing line several miles long to create a symbolic religious enclosure are getting entangled in a dispute with beachfront residents and California environmentalists, who fear the string will snag birds and spoil the ocean view. >> Read the Full Article

Indian UN Vet Treats Animal Victims of Lebanon War

Amal al-Nimr flips a goat on its back in her muddy farmyard in south Lebanon to show the Indian vet how the shrapnel wound in its leg is healing. >> Read the Full Article

Environment-Friendly Label Pays off for Tourism Businesses

Girdwood, Alaska tour operator Kirk Hoessle didn't think he'd ever get "green listed." But last year, Conde Nast Traveler magazine rated Hoessle's company, Alaska Wildland Adventures, as the top eco-tourism operator in the world. >> Read the Full Article

Panel Says New Great Lakes Water Deal Needed

A U.S.-Canadian pact to clean up the Great Lakes has run its course after more than three decades and should be scrapped in favor of a more effective, modern strategy, a binational panel said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Butterfly Tagging Sheds Light on Migrating Monarch

It is a delicate process but for Gayle Hall it is a labor of love: tagging monarch butterflies as part of a program to monitor the movements of one of nature's most celebrated migrants. >> Read the Full Article

A Precautionary Tale about Nature

Nineteen eighty-four is the year when the Earth reached the limits of its capacity to provide for us. Since then we have been using the Earth’s natural resources at a rate that increasingly exceeds what it is able to replenish. >> Read the Full Article

EU Governments Back New Air Pollution Rules

European Union governments on Monday backed new rules to combat air pollution by setting binding limits on levels of harmful dust particles, which the EU blames for up to 350,000 deaths every year. >> Read the Full Article