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Nairobi Talks to Seek Wider Fight on Warming

European nations will try to push the United States and developing countries to get more involved in a U.N.-led fight against global warming beyond 2012 at 189-nation talks opening in Nairobi on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Study Predicts Hotter, Drier Australia

Australia's climate is now permanently hotter and drier, and the country faces major temperature rises and significantly less rainfall by 2070, scientists said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Tidal Energy Companies Staking Claims

In the quest for oil-free power, a handful of small companies are staking claims on the boundless energy of the rising and ebbing sea. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesia Forest Fires, Attacks Kill 1,000 Orangutans

About 1,000 orangutans are estimated to have died in Indonesia during the dry season this year in which raging forest fires have produced thick smoke across huge areas of Southeast Asia, a conservationist said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Africa Needs Help to Win Clean Energy Investment

Africa lacks the capacity and projects to attract the levels of investment in clean energy seen in other parts of the world, Kenya's environment minister said on Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Dolphin May Have 'Remains' of Legs

Japanese researchers said Sunday that a bottlenose dolphin captured last month has an extra set of fins that could be the remains of hind legs, a discovery that may provide further evidence that ocean-dwelling mammals once lived on land. >> Read the Full Article

N.J. Complex's Lawns Get Recycled Water

As in other retirement villages, the yards of the Homestead at Mansfield boast lush grass and clipped shrubs. But unlike the lawns of any other community in New Jersey, they will soon be kept green by recycled toilet water. >> Read the Full Article

Plastic Trash Vortex Menaces Pacific Sealife

Old toothbrushes, beach toys and used condoms are part of a vast vortex of plastic trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, threatening sea creatures that get tangled in it, eat it or ride on it, a new report says. >> Read the Full Article

Public Split on New Snowmobile Plan

Cheers and jeers, delight and outrage. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation has been getting some of each since it unveiled a new Adirondack Snowmobile Plan in mid-October. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Catches 35 Whales off Northern Island of Hokkaido

Japan has caught 35 whales off the coast of northern island of Hokkaido, officials said Thursday, under a research program that critics say is disguised commercial whaling. >> Read the Full Article