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EarthNews Radio: Environmentally Sound Cleaning

It's amazing how something as simple as cleaning our homes creates environmental challenges. Jerry Kay spoke to Linda Mason Hunter, co-author of Green Clean: The Environmentally Sound Guide to Cleaning Your Home. >> Read the Full Article

More Than a Thousand Birds Covered in Oil after Spill off Denmark's East Coast

A Danish coast guard helicopter searched Sunday for an oil slick that covered more than a thousand birds in the Kattegatt Sea between Denmark and Sweden. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Unsure of How To Protect River

Scientists say they still don't know how to protect the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon without disrupting water and power production upstream. >> Read the Full Article

Australia Uses New Methods To Protect Whales

Fierce whale-hunting opponent Australia said on Friday it was expanding the use of satellite and DNA technology to track and research whales as it seeks to overturn the killing of whales for scientific purposes. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Military Realignment Plans for Japan Face Strong Local Criticism

Plans to realign U.S. military forces in Japan triggered plans for protest rallies and drew harsh opposition from local officials and citizens' groups, who say the burden of hosting the troops is just being shifted from one community to another. >> Read the Full Article

Birds Vs. Windmills Battle Heads to Calif. Courts

The wind farm at Altamont Pass produces clean electricity for tens of thousands of homes. The windmills also kill a large number of migratory birds passing through the region east of San Francisco. >> Read the Full Article

Nerve Agent Destruction Halted in Indiana after 500-Gallon Wastewater Spill

Army contractors halted operations Saturday at a western Indiana complex built to destroy a deadly nerve agent after nearly 500 gallons of caustic wastewater spilled in a contained area. >> Read the Full Article

International Albatross Plan Proposes New Colonies

With almost all of the world's remaining short-tailed albatrosses breeding on a steep slope of a Japanese volcanic island that is subject to eruptions, mudslides and erosion, an international team of scientists has a proposal to help the endangered birds -- lure them to a safer island. >> Read the Full Article

Missouri Team Mounts Tiny Cameras Atop Deer

Between hunters and cars, the fall is a hard time for deer. Now, a University of Missouri researcher is gaining insight into the world of the graceful animal through tiny cameras mounted on their heads. >> Read the Full Article

South Africa Takes Aim at 'Canned Hunting'

South Africa plans to stamp out operators who allow the "canned hunting" of lions and other game raised by humans and shot in small spaces, part of an effort to clean up the multimillion-dollar hunting industry. >> Read the Full Article