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Caverns to Remove Exotic Fish From Pond

New Mexico Game and Fish officials will help staff members at Carlsbad Caverns National Park remove exotic fish and amphibians from the pond at Rattlesnake Springs. >> Read the Full Article

China Tiger Trade Ban Won't Last, Official Says

China will inevitably lift its ban on the trade of tiger bones and body parts, a wildlife official told state media, saying groups seeking to profit from the government's captive-bred tigers were too strong to resist. >> Read the Full Article

Powerful Interest Groups Complicate Swift Action on Energy in Congress

Three powerful lobbying forces -- automakers, electric utilities and the coal industry -- are confounding Democrats' efforts to forge a less-polluting energy policy. >> Read the Full Article

Geese Get Revenge: Paté May Cause Rare Disease

Geese force-fed and then slaughtered for their livers may get their final revenge on people who favor the delicacy known as foie gras: It may transmit a little-known disease known as amyloidosis, researchers reported Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Parched Australia Plans Giant Desalination Plant

Australia is planning to build one of the world's largest desalination plants as part of a $4.9 billion ($4 billion) programme to provide drinking water to the nation's second-largest city Melbourne. >> Read the Full Article

Expanding Deserts in China Forcing Farmers from Fields, Sending Sandstorms across Pacific

Half a century after Mao Zedong's "Great Leap Forward" brought irrigation to the arid grasslands in this remote corner of northwest China, the government is giving up on its attempt to make a breadbasket out of what has increasingly become a stretch of scrub and sand dunes. >> Read the Full Article

Ecuador Weighs Galapagos Turtles vs Tourists

Marauding Europeans are nothing new to the Galapagos Islands, which long ago were the haunt of English pirates preying on Spanish galleons laden with Inca gold. But Ecuador, which owns the archipelago, may soon have to take action against menacing outsiders, realizing foreigners with cameras are every bit as dangerous as those with cutlasses. >> Read the Full Article

Foreign-Born Students Coming To America To Study the Tropics

Scholars from more than 20 nations conduct research at the Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center, which has an international reputation for its ecology and conservation research and educational programs. Based at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the center draws on resources at the botanical garden and the St. Louis Zoo, both among the top institutions of their kind. >> Read the Full Article

Dropping Ice Age Scenario, Researchers Discard Gulf Stream Catastrophe Scenario

From the deck of a research ship moored in these gusty north Atlantic islands, workers are offloading three bright orange buoys whose sonar devices will help Bogi Hansen fill more gaps in an intriguing twist on climate change forecasts. >> Read the Full Article

<I>Arctic Tale</I> Puts Faces To Global-Warming Threat

"Arctic Tale," produced by the company behind "March of the Penguins" and narrated by singer-actress Queen Latifah, depicts the lives of female polar bear cub "Nanu" and female walrus calf "Seela" from birth to parenthood. The characters are composites of animals filmed in the Arctic over 10 years. >> Read the Full Article