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Generations Later, Toxic Legacy of Agent Orange Lives on in Vietnam

More than 30 years after the Vietnam War ended, the poisonous legacy of Agent Orange has emerged anew with a scientific study that has found extraordinarily high levels of health-threatening contamination at the former U.S. air base at Danang. >> Read the Full Article

Populations of 20 Common Birds Declining

The populations of 20 common American birds -- from the fence-sitting meadowlark to the whippoorwill with its haunting call -- are half what they were 40 years ago, according to an analysis released Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: June 11th - 15th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news June 11th - 15th: Rainforest products, coral protections, the global deforestation crisis, a carbon-neutral Capitol, and much more. >> Read the Full Article

Reducing Environmental Risks Could Save Millions of Lives Annually

Tackling air pollution, contaminated drinking water and other environmental problems could save millions of lives annually around the world, the World Health Organization said in a report Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Debates Requirement for Utilities To Use More Renewable Fuels

Senate Democrats proposed a requirement Wednesday that 15 percent of the nation's electricity be produced by wind, biomass and other renewable energy sources. Democrats were trying to include the renewable fuel requirements on a broader energy bill before the Senate, but they faced strong opposition from senators who worried that such a national mandate would raise electricity costs in some states. >> Read the Full Article

China Dresses Down Office Workers in Bid To Save Energy

China has urged office workers to wear T-shirts instead of suits so that air-conditioners can be turned down to save energy, state media said on Thursday. The news comes in a week some central government offices suffered a day without air-conditioning as they warmed to a campaign to cut energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. >> Read the Full Article

Southern Baptists Question Human Role in Global Warming; Say Regulations Hurt Poor

Southern Baptists approved a resolution on global warming that questions the prevailing scientific belief that humans are largely to blame for the phenomenon and also warns that increased regulation of greenhouse gases will hurt the poor. >> Read the Full Article

Kofi Annan Named as Head of New Body To Boost Agriculture in Africa

Former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan is to head a new organization intended to boost agricultural production in Africa and curb mounting hunger, soil erosion and lack of water. >> Read the Full Article

Bear Cubs Take the Train Through Canadian Parks

Three bear cubs have taken to riding the rails in Canada's Rocky Mountains in search of an easy, but dangerous, meal, a national park official said on Wednesday. The cubs and their mother were climbing onto grain cars stopped at a siding to eat grain that had spilled onto a platform at the rear of the car. When the trains started up, the cubs were trapped. >> Read the Full Article

African Ministers Struggle To End Ivory Trade Row

African ministers struggled on Wednesday to solve a dispute over elephant ivory between nations seeking to extend a 1989 export ban and others wanting limited trade. >> Read the Full Article