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Studies Find Northeast Mercury Hotspots

Mercury levels near some coal-burning power plants are five times higher than previous government estimates, calling into question how the Environmental Protection Agency identifies biological hotspots and prompting a Maine senator to propose a national monitoring system. >> Read the Full Article

Study Shows Bigger Brains Give Birds Survival Benefit

Birds with bigger brains like crows and parrots survive better than their dimmer feathered friends, according to a study published on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Lifts Oil and Gas Drilling Ban for Alaska Bay

President Bush lifted a ban Tuesday on oil and gas drilling in Alaska's Bristol Bay, an area known for its endangered whales and the world's largest run of sockeye salmon. >> Read the Full Article

Cook Inlet Belugas Face Extinction Risk

The beluga whales swimming off Alaska's largest city are at considerable risk of going extinct unless something changes, a federal study says. >> Read the Full Article

Aquaculture Report Urges Growth, Better Regulation

There's a 90 percent chance the next slice of fresh salmon you eat will have been raised in a floating fish pen rather than plucked from the ocean by a salty fisherman. Aquaculture, the production of aquatic plants and animals under controlled conditions, is looking like the next gold rush in the food industry. >> Read the Full Article

Warming Could Spur 'Evolution Explosion'

Fast-growing weeds have evolved over a few generations to adapt to climate change, which could signal the start of an "evolution explosion" in response to global warming, scientists reported Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Dead Sea Plight Spurs Bike Rally

Several hundred cyclists are expected to take part in a ride around the Dead Sea in Israel to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the Sea, which is shrinking. >> Read the Full Article

UK's Blair Loath to Give Up Travel to Help Climate

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, fresh from a row over his holiday in a pop star's Florida home, said on Tuesday he would be reluctant to give up his holidays abroad in the interests of preventing global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Canada's Conservatives Hit Road to Push Green Look

Canada's Conservative government, keen to dress itself in a new green hue, sent its new environment minister Monday to tour damage from storms that have lashed Canada's Pacific Coast this winter. >> Read the Full Article

Rare Asian Vulture Bred in Captivity for First Time

An endangered species of vulture has been bred in captivity for the first time, a conservationist group said, cheering those trying to rescue the South Asian bird from the brink of extinction. >> Read the Full Article