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Red and Pink Corals Get U.N. Trade Protection

Trade in red and pink corals prized as jewellery for 5,000 years will be restricted to try to help the species recover after drastic over-exploitation, a U.N. wildlife conference agreed on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Weapon Fragment from 1800s Found in Whale

A fragment of a weapon used by commercial whalers in the 1800s was found in a massive bowhead whale caught off Alaska last month, suggesting it may be more than a century old, officials said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

New York Politician Not Happy with Staten Island Landfill-Themed Ice Cream

One New York City politician apparently does not have a sweet tooth for a locally made vanilla ice cream with brownie chunks and cherries. That is because the ice cream in question, marketed under the name "Staten Island Landfill," is "insulting and derogatory," Staten Island borough president James Molinaro wrote in a letter on his Web site >> Read the Full Article

India To Appeal To World To Keep Tiger Trade Ban

India will appeal to a U.N. wildlife forum to retain a ban on trading in tiger parts, despite Chinese lobbying to legalise trade in organs of the endangered big cats, the government said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Chinese Demand Drives Global Deforestation Crisis

From outside, Cameroon's Ngambe-Tikar forest looks like a compact, tangled mass of healthy emerald green foliage. But tracks between the towering tropical hardwood trees open up into car park-sized clearings littered with logs as long as buses. >> Read the Full Article

Caribbean Turtles Said To Be Threatend by Catches, Trade

Turtles in the Caribbean are under threat from over-fishing and illegal trade, with almost all eggs laid in Guatemala taken by humans, a wildlife trade monitoring network said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Weighs Reducing Spotted Owl Habitat

The Bush administration Tuesday proposed cutting 1.5 million acres from Northwest forests considered critical to the survival of the northern spotted owl, reopening the 1990s battle between timber production and wildlife habitat on public lands. >> Read the Full Article

Transportation Department Acknowledges Intervention in California Emissions Waiver Request

The Transportation Department acknowledged Tuesday encouraging members of Congress to weigh in with the EPA on California's request to implement global warming controls on automakers. >> Read the Full Article

Tibet To Ban Gold Mining To Protect the Environment

Local officials in Tibet plan to ban the mining of gold, mercury, arsenic and peat to preserve mineral resources and protect the environment, state media reported Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Kilimanjaro's Shrinking Snow Not a Sign of Warming

While the retreat of glaciers and mountaintop ice in the mid-latitudes -- where much of the world's human population lives -- is definitely linked to global climate change, the same cannot be said of Kilimanjaro, the researchers wrote in the July-August edition of American Scientist magazine. >> Read the Full Article