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Mushrooms Become Source for Eco-Building

Eben Bayer grew up on a farm in Vermont learning the intricacies of mushroom harvesting with his father. Now the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute graduate is using that experience to create an organic insulation made from mushrooms. >> Read the Full Article

Florida Everglades Beats Back Development Pressure, but Dresden Risks Succumbing

U.N. officials threatened to strike Dresden from a list of outstanding world cultural sites if current plans for a bridge over the Elbe River go forward, but praised the U.S. for rehabilitating the endangered Florida Everglades. >> Read the Full Article

Shark Bite Leads to Reproduction Mystery

A recent study had documented the first confirmed case of asexual reproduction, or parthenogenesis, among sharks: a pup born at a Nebraska zoo came from an egg that developed in a female shark without sperm from a male. >> Read the Full Article

Captive Indian Crocodiles Turn Protectors

Dozens of crocodiles bred in captivity in eastern India have been enlisted to protect their endangered counterparts in the wild and are being released in forests to scare away poachers, authorities said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Climate Law May Linger Intil Next President

Global warming is the focus of at least seven bills on Capitol Hill, but whether any of them will become law before President Bush leaves office in 2009 is a matter of keen debate. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Proposes Tougher Smog Standards

Pollution standards are too weak to protect people from the air they breathe, the EPA's chief declared Thursday. He recommended tougher limits on the smog that makes children cough and asthmatics wheeze from Los Angeles to Houston to New York. >> Read the Full Article

Ecuador Wants Habitat on Endangered List

Ecuador says tourism is threatening the Galapagos Islands and has asked UNESCO to add the habitat that inspired the theory of evolution to its endangered list, the culture agency said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Rich Nations Accused of Green Imperialism on Climate Change

Rich countries are being hypocritical in criticizing China's greenhouse gas emissions while using the country's cheap labor in industries that pollute, Asian business and government leaders said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Fear of Predators Is Not Natural, Study Finds

Fear of predators is not instinctive but is a learned behavior that only develops when prey species share space with animals that eat them, according to a new study released this week. >> Read the Full Article

Glastonbury's Green Fields Embrace Green Credentials

Glastonbury, the world's biggest open air arts and music festival, on Thursday made environmental issues a pillar of the three-day event by launching its "I Count" campaign to stop climate change. >> Read the Full Article