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Grammar May Help Fight Bacteria

Biologists reached back to elementary school to discover a promising new way to fight nasty bacteria: Apply the rules of grammar. >> Read the Full Article

Hard Times for Wildlife in Zimbabwe

The economic chaos engulfing Zimbabwe is decimating the country's once teeming wildlife, according to a conservation group, which painted a grim picture of nature reserves staffed by poorly trained rangers who cruelly kill the animals they are meant to protect. >> Read the Full Article

Pollution Shortens Life Expectancy Worldwide

More than 10 million people are at risk for lung infection, cancer and shortened life expectancy because they live in the 10 worst-polluted cities in the world, according to a report issued Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Greens Eye Comeback for American Bison

The seven bison on display in a fenced enclosure here hardly evoke the teeming hordes that once stretched to the horizon. But some ecologists hope that they can reintroduce bison to the wild in parts of the American West. >> Read the Full Article

Pennsylvania Moves to End Cruelty at Puppy Mills

Pennsylvania unveiled measures Tuesday to crack down on commercial kennels that breed dogs in inhumane conditions across a state that has one of the biggest concentrations of so-called puppy mills in the United States. >> Read the Full Article

Oregon Airport De-Icing System Harms Fish

A $31 million system designed to collect runoff from de-icing fluid sprayed on planes at Portland International Airport in winter is causing problems for fish. >> Read the Full Article

Fungal Disease Killing L.A. Palm Trees

The city's palm trees -- as much a symbol of L.A. as the automobile, movie stars and the beach -- are vanishing. The trees are dying of old age and a fungal disease, disappearing one by one from parks and streets. >> Read the Full Article

Mega-Resort Proposal Draws Criticism in British Virgin Islands

Residents have criticized a luxury resort and marina project planned for a sparsely developed spit of land in the British Virgin Islands, saying it would distort the local housing market and destroy wildlife habitats. >> Read the Full Article

Soaring Water-Use Fees Prod California Farmers, Ranchers to Seek More Control

In a state where water disputes often have played out like old Sunday morning Westerns, Kevin Taylor is one of those who tries to keep the peace. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Green Groups Donate Cash to Governor Races

U.S. environmental groups say they see states taking more aggressive action than the federal government on environment issues and are stepping up donations to gubernatorial campaigns this autumn. >> Read the Full Article