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Pollution Leaves Two Runners Critically Ill after Hong Kong Marathon

Twenty-two people were taken to hospital and two of them were in critical condition after taking part in Hong Kong's biggest marathon amid the worst air pollution levels in months, the government said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Starving Cattle Put Kenya Wildlife at Risk

Desperate Maasai herdsmen are driving cattle into one of Kenya's largest national parks in search of scarce water and pasture, threatening its famous wild animals and the habitat that brings the state much-needed tourist revenue. >> Read the Full Article

Shark Attacks Fall in 2005 as Humans Fight Back

Shark attacks dropped in 2005 because people are fighting back more often when threatened and the ranks of ocean predators are thinning, a University of Florida report said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Valentine Roses, Candy Go PC

The recipe for romance used to be so simple: Flowers. Chocolate. Jewelry. But if your sweetheart has a social conscience, such tokens of affection could miss the target by a mile. >> Read the Full Article

Study Finds Higher Level of Exposure to Mercury

A national study that tested samples of human hair for mercury suggests that as many as one in every seven women of childbearing age in Texas has been exposed to potentially dangerous levels of the substance. >> Read the Full Article

Seattle's Waterfront Reshaped by New Sculpture Park

Artists and city planners are reshaping Seattle's largest undeveloped downtown water front -- a toxic vacant lot -- into a sculpture park, museum and environmental restoration project. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Geological Survey to Study Fault Line

Scientists plan to use $2 million in federal "seed money" to try to learn more about the southern San Andreas Fault, including a segment that has not ruptured in more than three centuries. >> Read the Full Article

Yellowstone Reopens Facility for Bison

Authorities at Yellowstone National Park reopened a capture facility near the park's northern border Friday, two weeks after shutting it down, to hold more bison that had ventured too far into Montana. >> Read the Full Article

East Africa People and Wildlife Struggle to Share Precious Land and Water

Elephants, buffaloes and other wild animals drink water on one side of a swamp. On the other, Maasai warriors watch hundreds of cattle graze as the tropical sun sears the parched land. >> Read the Full Article

Northern China Wetlands Drying Up

The wetlands along northern China's biggest river system are drying up because of the thirst of an expanding population and a fast-growing economy, Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday. >> Read the Full Article