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Biologists, Criminalists are Developing 'CSI'-Type Standards to Catch Underwater Perps

When death strikes a coral reef, whether from an oil spill off Mexico or sediment unleashed by a dam bursting in Hawaii, marine biologists know what to look for, but not how to document and preserve their findings so they will hold up in court. >> Read the Full Article

Bird Flu Fear Doesn't Deter Alaska's Hunters

At the Apugauti ceremony to celebrate the capture of a bowhead whale during the spring, the men and women of the Patkotak whaling crew serve the traditional nigliq soup made with harvested geese, rice, onions and flavored with curry powder. >> Read the Full Article

Gypsy Moth Invasion Ruining N.J. Forests

An invasion of gypsy moths has been destroying thousands of acres of New Jersey forests in the span of a month, setting the state up for its worst outbreak since the caterpillars defoliated 140,000 acres in 2001. >> Read the Full Article

China's Yellow River Estuary Cleanest in Years

China's Yellow River delta estuary is the cleanest in years, state media said on Friday, despite recent reports that most China's second-longest river is so polluted it is unsafe for swimming or drinking. >> Read the Full Article

Forest Service Auctions Timber from Burned-Over Section of National Forest

To the dismay of environmentalists, the U.S. Forest Service auctioned off timber from a remote, burned-over section of a national forest Friday in the first such sale since the Bush administration eased logging restrictions. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Scheme to Save One Billion Tonnes of Greenhouse Gas

A U.N. scheme to promote renewable energy use in poor nations is growing sharply and will axe emissions of greenhouse gases by more than a billion tonnes by 2012, the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat said on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Eagles from Maryland Helping to Establish Population in Vermont

A circling bald eagle overhead is the only sign there are babies in the nest 65 feet up a loblolly pine tree. Biologist Craig Koppie isn't sure what he'll find in the nest until he climbs, peers inside and shouts down the good news -- "Triplets!" >> Read the Full Article

Japan Tries to Cut Down on Plastic Bags

The mega-packaging keeps your food hot, your drink cool and your newspaper clean, but environmentalists say it also creates a mountain of plastic waste that fouls the air, pollutes the oceans and contributes to global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Wyoming Antelope Heading to Mexico

Some Wyoming antelope are bound for sunny Mexico. Wildlife biologists have captured dozens of pronghorns at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne for transport to Mexico, where some herds are near extinction. >> Read the Full Article

Brazilian Police Crack Down on Illegal Logging in Amazon Rain Rorest

Police arrested 28 people suspected of operating an illegal logging ring in Brazil's Amazon rain forest and were looking for 46 more, officials said. >> Read the Full Article