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Environmentalism Goes Upscale; Designers Create Earth-Friendly Items for Homes

Green can be gorgeous. Environmentalism in the home is hip these days, but it's a far cry from any neo-hippie notion of weaving your own linen upholstery fabric from flax you've raised organically. >> Read the Full Article

France Spending $260 Million To Preserve an Ancient Abbey's Quirk of Nature

While much of the world worries about how to stop sea levels from rising, engineers in this corner of France want to spend $260 million to do just the opposite: raise the tides back up to save a national treasure. >> Read the Full Article

Galapagos Volcano Fire Threatens Endemic Tree Species

A fire sparked by last month's volcanic eruption on the largest of the famed Galapagos Islands is threatening an endemic tree species, officials said Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

Feds to Take Bears Off Endangered List

Grizzly bears in areas surrounding Yellowstone National Park would be removed from the endangered species list under a proposal to be announced next week, officials said last week. >> Read the Full Article

German Police Investigating Threat To Poison Lake Constance

Police in southern Germany found two suspect containers in Lake Constance and were investigating a threat to poison the waters, authorities said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Former French Environmental Official Warns Dominica about Overdevelopment

`Caribbean leaders must protect their environment or face the hefty cost of cleanup paid by developed countries, said the former French environmental minister. >> Read the Full Article

Kayak Crusaders Persuade Polluters To Come Clean

Mark Riskedahl paddles his kayak through pounding rain, heading across the Columbia Slough to a riverbank pipe that pours chocolate-brown liquid directly into the water. Holding steady, he reaches out and fills a plastic bottle with the muck -- it smells like gasoline -- and seals it tight for a trip to the lab for testing. >> Read the Full Article

Oil Spills from Hurricanes Staining the Coast

When Walter Estrade returned to his home in this refinery town 10 miles southeast of New Orleans, he expected the typical hurricane damage -- toppled trees, tossed cars, a waterlogged house. What he hadn't counted on was the oil. >> Read the Full Article

Group Prepares 'Champion' Tree Clones To Replenish Watersheds

Michigan's "state champion" white poplar, its trunk a whopping 20 feet in circumference, stands just off the main street of this tourist village. For picture-snapping gawkers, the location is ideal. For the tree, it's a curse -- or should be. >> Read the Full Article

Conservationists Creating Bison Preserve

When conservationists Curt Freese and Sean Gerrity look out on the rolling prairie of north-central Montana, they see grasslands largely unchanged by time or man -- the perfect place, they believe, for bison to roam again. >> Read the Full Article