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Sierra Club Members Reject Policy Change Advocating Immigration Limits

Sierra Club members Monday flatly rejected a change in the group's policies that would have advocated reducing immigration to the United States as a way to protect the environment. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: Ed Begley, Jr., Eco-Celebs Walk the Talk

Hearing celebrities expound on politics or talk about their commitment to causes makes many people groan. Maybe it sounds like they're being fed sound bites or just trying to connect their name to the latest hot trend. But no one can deny the power of American celebrity culture. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Forest Service Sued over Logging in Oregon

A group of U.S. Forest Service employees has filed a lawsuit against the federal agency because the workers say it is allowing lumber companies to log forests recovering from wildfires in violation of environmental laws. >> Read the Full Article

35 More Wild Horses Killed in the West

Thirty-five more wild horses rounded up in the West were slaughtered Monday, but the Interior Department acted quickly to save the lives of 52 other mustangs by enlisting last-minute financial help from Mustang sports car maker Ford Motor Co. >> Read the Full Article

Singapore, Malaysia Sign Deal Ending Dispute over Land Reclamation

Singapore and Malaysia on Tuesday signed an agreement that settles their dispute over Singapore's projects to add land along its coastline near its neighbor. >> Read the Full Article

Forest Service Whistleblower Alleges Improper Pesticide Use in Southwest

Forest Service managers created a potential threat to the public through risky spraying of pesticides and weed-killers in the Southwest, a federal official charges in a whistleblower complaint obtained by The Associated Press. >> Read the Full Article

Australian Officials Announce Wild Camel Cull

Thousands of wild camels in Australia's Outback will be shot and killed from helicopters as part of an attempt to control the animals' burgeoning numbers, a state official and local media said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

State Takes up Difficult Task of Setting aside Agricultural Land for Recreation

State parks line the California coast like jewels on a movie star's necklace. But go inland to the vast Central Valley, and the jewels are replaced by farms, housing tracts and orchards. Except for a cluster of seven museums and historic sites in Sacramento, state parks are few and far between. >> Read the Full Article

Power for Moon Base Could Come from Sun

Here's how local scientists propose to power the first human outpost on another world: Launch a rover to the moon and melt its dusty soil into acres of electricity-generating solar panels. A year later, when astronauts arrive, all they have to do is plug into the grid. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: PBS Series 'Strange Days on Planet Earth'

PBS has been presenting an impressive number of science and nature programs in April. One new series, National Geographic's "Strange Days on Planet Earth," documents some of the odd things going on the natural world in our time. >> Read the Full Article