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Fish Numbers Drop After Grand Canyon Flood

The number of juvenile endangered fish recovered in the Colorado River declined dramatically after officials flooded the Grand Canyon in an effort to aid them and their fragile ecosystem. But scientists aren't sure what the fish decline means or why it happened. >> Read the Full Article

Few Clues on Dolphin Deaths in Florida Keys

Biologists are investigating whether sonar used in U.S. Navy submarine exercises or red tide bacteria contributed to the deaths of more than 30 rough-toothed dolphins in a mass stranding in the Florida Keys last week. >> Read the Full Article

Pacific NW Undersea Quakes Intrigue Scientists

Scientists searched Monday for signs of a volcanic eruption off the Pacific Northwest coast following a swarm of earthquakes that posed little risk of causing a tsunami but could teach them about how the Earth's crust forms. >> Read the Full Article

South Dakota Bill Targets Prairie Dogs

Gov. Mike Rounds has signed a bill giving South Dakota ranchers some extra ammunition in dealing with prairie dogs that invade from neighboring private property. >> Read the Full Article

EarthTalk: The Lowdown on 'Energy Efficient Mortgages'

A movement is afoot among real estate lenders to offer special mortgages and other incentives designed to reward energy efficiency and green-friendly building and restoration. >> Read the Full Article

Study Says Canadian Smelter Polluting U.S. Lake

A Canadian smelter produced most of the lead, zinc and cadmium pollution found in a Washington state lake at the center of a cross-border environmental fight, according to a study released Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Ethanol to Fuel Racecars

Every day sees a new breakthrough for ethanol. The latest gain for the alternative fuel is the announcement that ethanol will be used at the Indianapolis 500 for the first time next year, said Mark Lambert, spokesman for the Bloomington-based Illinois Corn Growers Association. >> Read the Full Article

World Fish Stocks Strained, U.N. Says

World stocks of most fish, including Atlantic herring and capelin, are stretched to their limits and nearly a quarter are already over-exploited, a United Nations agency said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

WWF Warns that China's Rising Demand for Wood Threatens Other Countries' Forests

China's rising demand for wood threatens to devastate timber stocks in countries from Indonesia to Russia, the environmental group WWF said Tuesday, calling for more efficient wood use and measures to discourage illegal logging. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Announces Plan for Stricter Controls on Lead in Drinking Water

Stricter monitoring and reporting of problems with lead in drinking water will be required of utilities, states, schools and child care facilities, the Environmental Protection Agency said Monday. >> Read the Full Article