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EarthNews Radio: Wildflowers

As spring slips into summer, one great way to mark the change of seasons is to view wildflowers as they come and go. >> Read the Full Article

After Years of Drought, Rising Water is Enlarging, Changing Utah's Great Salt Lake

The water in the Great Salt Lake has begun rising again after years of drought, changing the landscape and starting to submerge one of Utah's best-known artifacts: an enormous earth sculpture called the Spiral Jetty. >> Read the Full Article

Endangered Condors Soar Over Grand Canyon

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon has long been a favorite of human visitors gawking at the stunning views and taking advantage of the manmade services. As it turns out, the South Rim also is a favorite of endangered California condors -- for many of the same reasons. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Senate Panel Delays Lawn Mower Clean Air Plans

A Senate committee Thursday sought to delay the development of federal rules that would clamp down on emissions from lawn mowers and other high-polluting outdoor equipment. >> Read the Full Article

Who Owns the Earth? -- An ENN Commentary

Americans strongly believe in the right to own, and sell, almost everything, from cleaning products that emit health-damaging volatile organic compounds to nature itself, in the form of large tracts of private property populated by wild animals. >> Read the Full Article

Feds to Seek End of Federal Protection for Grizzlies in Yellowstone Area

Federal wildlife officials say they plan to propose ending Endangered Species Act protection for grizzly bears around Yellowstone National Park. >> Read the Full Article

Ex-Lobbyist Leaves White House Environmental Job

A senior official at the White House Council on Environmental Quality has resigned, days after a newspaper reported he changed some government reports to downplay links between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Indians Near Jungle Highway Fear Pavement Will Destroy Their Way of Life

By the slow-moving Tapajos River, monkeys murmur in the forest and Munduruku Indians with bows and arrows tiptoe along the riverbank, hunting turtles. Two boys fish for the family lunch, not even bothering with bait. To attract the piranha, they simply bang on the side of their boat. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Moving Toward Adding Climate Provisions to Energy Bill

Despite opposition from the White House, a growing number of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate want to address global warming, including limits on heat-trapping emissions, as part of the country's broad energy policy. >> Read the Full Article

Goodbye to a Sea Giant

It was a company that could weather the Great Depression, World War II and several recessions. But today's economy proved too difficult. After 76 years in operation, the country's largest kelp harvesting facility originally called the Kelp Co. and today a division of International Specialty Products -- is closing its plant in Barrio Logan. >> Read the Full Article