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Endangered Cuckoo Spotted in Indonesia

Scientists trying to photograph wild tigers deep in the Indonesian jungle captured a glimpse of another endangered species instead -- the Sumatran ground cuckoo. >> Read the Full Article

Ethanol Won't Solve Energy Problems

Ethanol is far from a cure-all for the nation's energy problems. It's not as environmentally friendly as some supporters claim and would supply only 12 percent of U.S. motoring fuel -- even if every acre of corn were used. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Urges Senate to Approve Science Research Funds

To help U.S. companies maintain a "competitive edge" in the global economy, Bush says he has proposed doubling federal funding for research in areas such as nanotechnology, supercomputing and alternative energy sources. >> Read the Full Article

Socializing Helped Ebola Wipe Out Gorillas

A 2004 outbreak of the Ebola virus, which also kills people, killed 97 percent of gorillas who lived in groups and 77 percent of solitary males, researchers reported Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Change Could Slash U.S. Wine Industry

Global warming could slash productivity in prime U.S. wine-making areas like California's Napa and Sonoma valleys by century's end, leaving some of the best temperatures for grape-growing in New England, researchers reported Monday. >> Read the Full Article

As Land Values Rise, Mobile Home Park Breathes Its Last

A community was dying, and not by natural causes. Weeks earlier, envelopes had been taped to front doors up and down the street, carrying this message: Residents had 180 days to clear out. >> Read the Full Article

China Panda, Born to Be Wild, Coping Well

China's first captive-bred giant panda to be released into the wild has been coping well in bamboo forests in the country's southwest, state media said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Geologists Hope Rocks Help Unravel Planet's Secrets

Scientists hope a new effort in the generations-old attempt to get closer to the center of the planet -- achieved as part of the world's biggest earth science program -- can help unlock some of earth's longest-held secrets. >> Read the Full Article

Fugitive Otter Recaptured after Month on the Run

An escapee who had spent almost a month on the run, eating the finest food and frolicking in clear public sight on the beach of one of New Zealand's swankiest suburbs has been recaptured by desperate authorities. >> Read the Full Article

Nuclear Waste Looms As Challenge in Asia

A hillside bunker overlooking the Sea of Japan is to become one of Asia's first permanent nuclear dump sites, ending South Korea's 19-year quest to deal with low- and medium-level waste such as contaminated clothing and old parts from its 20 nuclear power plants. >> Read the Full Article