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Suncor Energy Releases 2005 Report on Sustainability

Suncor Energy Inc. today released its 2005 Report on Sustainability – a comprehensive review of the company’s social, economic and environmental performance in 2003 and 2004. >> Read the Full Article

US Investors Support Global Warming Resolution with General Motors

Today several leading U.S. institutional investors, representing more than $400 billion in invested assets, announced their support for a shareholder resolution requesting that General Motors assess and disclose its strategies for facing the significant financial risks posed by global climate change. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Nudge Fish Closer to Extinction

Scientists trying to study the endangered Devils Hole pupfish near Death Valley inadvertently nudged the endangered fish closer to extinction. >> Read the Full Article

Editorial: Ethanol Use as Fuel is Burning Money

Popular or not, ethanol use as fuel is burning money. This won't be a popular position here in the Corn Belt, but I don't see any sense in requiring motorists to burn ethanol. >> Read the Full Article

Montana to Fight Spread of Noxious Weeds

They infest a portion of Montana the size of Florida and Arkansas combined, and go by names like tansy ragwort, yellow toadflax and houndstongue. One species, knapweed, takes an estimated $42 million economic toll on the state every year. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Proposes Allowing Fish Farming up to 200 Miles off Coasts

The Bush administration, seeking to tap into one of the world's fastest-growing food industries, wants to allow fish farming up to 200 miles off the nation's coasts. Citing pilot projects off New Hampshire, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, the administration said Tuesday it was sending a bill to Congress to establish regulations for fish farming, known as aquaculture. >> Read the Full Article

Families to Donate Land to Park District

Weston Cook wanted to leave the city behind and build a country home with plenty of elbow room for his children to roam. He and four other families bought 216 acres south of Brentwood five years ago, but hit a wall of opposition as conservationists and wildlife regulators balked at letting five homes sprawl over so much prime habitat for rare frogs, salamanders and other grassland survivors. >> Read the Full Article

World Scientists Say Humans Causing Global Warming

Scientists, including from the United States and China, threw down the gauntlet to world leaders on Tuesday saying mankind was the major source of global warming and urging action, one month ahead of a G8 summit. >> Read the Full Article

Borneo Lowland Forests Face Extinction

The lowland tropical rain forests in Indonesian Borneo could disappear in five years due to rampant logging and forest fires, endangering the survival of many exotic species, an international conservation group said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Innovative Farming Methods Save Money, Spare the Environment

Bedding calves at Dave and Pam Bolin's farm is yesterday's news. In an effort to help the environment and control costs, the Clarksville dairy farmers shred old newspapers to keep young heifers comfortable. >> Read the Full Article